Thanks To EFF We’ve Another Political Goon On The Loose In South Africa


Have you seen the logo with a fusion of embodiment associated with the anti-Apartheid activist movement that emerged in South Africa in the mid-1960s (Black Consciousness Movement) like the Sankofa bird and a clenched fist? If you have, that’s an alert to be on guard.

Andile Mngxitama, the expelled and disgruntled EFF MP recently kick-started his vow of remaining politically relevant in South Africa when he unveiled the representative symbol for what he regards as the new movement named Black First Land First (BLF) with tweets like “The black masses are angry and ready to revolt”, “We will take our land BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!” and phrases like “LandOrDeath” hash-tagged.

We can all recall that Mngxitama was expelled from the EFF in April after he and two other members of the party accused Malema of using the party’s credit card to pay for his social life and alcohol. Mngxitama then said his ejection from the EFF was a “political witch hunt” as he was involved “in some sort of battle with the leadership of the party” while he was trying “to cleanse the party of a very bad culture inherited from the ANC,” and vowed to fight on.

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According to Mngxitama, the EFF and South African politicians have ignored the need to put black people and their need for land first. “Without land there is no freedom or dignity. We want Land First because it is the basis of our freedom, our identity, our spiritual well-being, our economic development and culture. The land of Africans was stolen and this theft has rendered us landless in our own land. We want all the land with all of the endowments on its surface together with all the fortunes underground as well as in the sky. All of it belongs to us. We are a people crying for our stolen land. Now we have decided to get it back by any means necessary.”

Thus, Mngxitama in a publication, called on South Africans (Obviously Blacks) to join the revolutionary movement and fight for the ideals he listed as emphasized below.

BFL logo&Leader

  • Mngxitama obviously called for more farm attacks as there is no other way to interpret this ideal that reads “Land First. We will not buy back our stolen land.”
  • His BLF will revolt to institutionalized a black-led apartheid system. What else is the meaning of “Black First. The black majority must be centered and prioritized?”
  • “Mineral rights belong to the people. Let the people own and benefit directly.”
  • “Employment and a minimum wage. We need quality jobs now. A R12 500 minimum wage is nonnegotiable. We want employment protection, and sickness and vacation rights from the first day of employment. Equal pay must be legally enforced and realized. Labor brokerage must end.” Can someone tell Mngxitama to channel his energy towards coming up with ideas that will create the “quality jobs”? Much of them are simply not existing to “fight” for.
  • “We want a basic income for all, now. No one should go to bed on an empty stomach.” What happened to the African adage that says “no food for the lazy man”? Mngxitama is clearly deluded. Where will the rand for “a basic income for all” be generated for all those unwilling to earn a living in South Africa?
  • “Housing is a right. All squatter camps must be eradicated in five years.”
  • “Healthcare is a right. Build hospitals and train nurses and doctors.” You’re right Mngxitama, tax is equally a duty. Remember?
  • Interestingly, this ideal says “Antiracism. Declare racism a crime.” Doesn’t that typify being clueless? How can you claim to fight racism with such name as “Black First”?
  • “Antisexism and antihomophobia. Fight to end women oppression and homophobia.”
  • “Socialism. Only a fair distribution of wealth can bring about real economic freedom.” Trust me, Mngxitama doesn’t know the first thing about Karl Marx.
  • “Pro-people industrialization. Follow ecologically friendly industrialization.”
  • “African dignity and unity. Africa is one and her liberation paramount.
  • “Mental liberation.The biggest disease killing Africa is ignorance and colonial mindsets.” You’re probably right Mngxitama. Uninformed South Africans, Africans and people all over the globe need mental liberation to free them from following people with similar agenda like yours brainwashing and encouraging people to carry out hideous acts.
  • “All elected members of Parliament and public servants must use public services.” Well, that’s ideal.
  •  “The Thomas Sankara oath and the people’s manifesto are our eyes to guide us to total liberation for real.”
  • “Youth advancement. The future belongs to the youth.”
  • “Education for all. Mass quality education responding to societal developmental challenges and building a socialist people-first culture must be extended to all.”

Most of us were unsympathetic with Mngxitama when he was expelled from EFF as we expected nothing good to emerge from the EFF. We believed he will just create his own party and foment more trouble and violence for South Africa like EFF founder when he was expelled from ANC. The political party (EFF) is clearly a violent one and it’s products should as well. Snakes can only beget snakes.

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