Thabiso Sikwane Biography: Who Is Thato Sikwane DJ Fresh’s Wife?

Thabiso Sikwane is a South African radio broadcaster, media personality and talk show host with over 20 years of experience in the media industry. She is also known as the wife of Thato Sikwane who you probably know as DJ Fresh.

Although she is the wife of one of South Africa’s most popular DJs, that is not the only thing that she is best known for. The multi-talented seasoned presenter is also renowned for being one of South Africa’s finest TV and Radio personalities. Aside from that, she is a swimming instructor, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador.

Although Thabiso, who sometimes prefers to be called Matladi, is very active in the entertainment industry and has amassed a lot of wealth, she still takes care of her home front. Her marriage has gone through a lot of ups and downs, but she has stood by her husband and unlike a good number of celebrity marriages that ended in divorce, Thabiso Sikwane and her husband, Thato Sikwane, also known as DJ Fresh have remained strong together.

A Quick Profile Summary Of Thabiso Sikwane

  • Name: Thabiso Matladi-Sikwane
  • Date of Birth: 1980s
  • Almamater: Wits University
  • Occupation: Swimming Instructor, Radio and TV Personality, Author, and Entrepreneur
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Spouse: Thato Sikwane (DJ Fresh)
  • Number Of Children: 3

Thabiso Sikwane’s Life as the Wife of DJ Fresh

Thabiso Sikwane is a radio and TV personality who is also known for being the wife of DJ Fresh. Her husband is one of the renowned DJs in South Africa and is originally from Botswana. Despite being active in her career, Thabiso is also given to being a good wife and mother to their children. Her marriage with the popular Mzansi DJ has lasted about two decades and in these years, they have gone through a lot of ups and downs.

Most of the challenges have been as a result of allegations of infidelity from the DJ’s end, and the recurring theme about most celebrity marriages that have ended has been infidelity. Despite this fact, she has not allowed it to ruin her marriage. Thabiso Sikwane has been able to hold her marriage together despite the external pressures of being a career woman.

Thabiso Sikwane Met DJ Fresh (Thato Sikwane) At YFM

Aside from the monetary benefits, popularity, and experience she may have gained while working at YFM, Thabiso Sikwane’s time there also blessed her with the love of her life, who is now her husband. While working as a newscaster at YFM, DJ Fresh who was in his third year in the university at that time landed a job in the same radio station as a DJ. While she was responsible for presenting the news, he was the DJ, and working together sparked mutual love and admiration in their hearts for each other and the rest is history.

Thabiso Sikwane

By 1998, they started dating and 6 years later, they tied the nuptial knots in 2002. As at the time they both met, DJ Fresh had just moved to South Africa from his home country, Botswana, and was not a celebrity yet. However, by the time they were getting married, they both had a stable career and you would refer to them as celebrities.

Unlike most celebrity weddings, Thabiso and Thato did not have a loud and luxurious wedding, rather they had a small wedding that was attended by other celebrities, DJs, staff/colleagues at YFM, close family members, and friends. Even after almost two decades, they are still together and have proven to South Africa that when they said “I do” to each other, they meant it.

Thabiso Sikwane Is A Graduate Of English And Sociology

Not much is known about Matladi’s childhood like when and where she was born; there is also no available information as regards the primary and high school she attended, but there are reports that she was born around the 1980s. We also know that DJ Fresh’s wife was not born with a silver spoon, but against all odds, she was able to complete her primary and high school and gain admission into a tertiary institution.

Thabiso Sikwane was admitted into Wits University in Johannesburg, where she studied English and Sociology and being someone who was dedicated to her studies, she was able to complete her program and leave with her bachelor’s degree. Not long after she completed her degree, she joined South Africa’s media industry and since then, she has worked with some of the most renowned radio and television stations in South Africa.

She Started Her Career At Voice Of Soweto

Before talking about Thabiso Sikwane’s glory days in South Africa’s media industry, it is noteworthy to also talk about her days of little beginning, because those are the days that gave her experience to become the media personality she is today. The glamorous media personality started her career with Voice of Soweto, a radio station based in Soweto and after working there for some time, she moved to YFM.

As memorable as her days in YFM may have been, she did not work there forever and after her time with the radio station came to an end, she moved on to SAFM – she also worked with Kaya FM. After working for different radio stations for years and sharpening her presentation skills, Thabiso Sikwane took a break from the media in 2012 that lasted for three years as she made her comeback with Power FM in 2015. She explained that she had to take a break to focus on her family, especially her kids as she wanted to be there for them. In 2019, she returned to Kaya FM as co-host of the breakfast show, Kaya Breakfast, alongside David O’Sullivan and Jason Goliath.

The Seasoned Presenter Is Also An Author, Entrepreneur And Swimming Instructor

Thabiso Sikwane is believed to have a net worth of $150,000 most of which she amassed from her work as a media personality, but that is not her only source of livelihood. She is also a swimming instructor, entrepreneur, and swimming instructor. She runs a swimming academy where she aims at training young people to develop swimming skills.

As an entrepreneur, she runs a media company called Borona Productions. Thabiso Sikwane is also the author of a children’s book titled Modimo O A Go Rata which means “God Loves You” and has been invited by media companies like SABC to review her book.

The Couple Has Three Children Together

The union between Matladi and DJ Fresh was blessed with a child a year after their wedding. Their first child, whose name is not known, was born in 2003, and as of the time of this writing, he should be pursuing a university degree. Their second child, a girl, was born almost 5 years after the first in 2008 and the third was born in 2015.

Not much is known about their children because both parents rarely share pictures or videos of them on social media. Aside from the three children they have together, DJ Fresh had a daughter out of wedlock before getting married to Thabiso Sikwane.

The Marriage Between DJ Fresh And Thabiso Has Faced Many Challenges But She Still Stood By Him

It is a general belief that no marriage or relationship is devoid of problems and that of Thabiso Sikwane and Thato Sikwane has received its fair share. However, the challenges they have openly faced are not internally generated and have always come as accusations of infidelity or rape. In 2015, DJ Fresh was reported to have cheated on his wife with his manager, Tsholo Mosaka, in Bostwana when they traveled together. There were also reports that their affair resulted in a child which he hid from his wife.

However, both DJ Fresh and his manager have come out to deny these allegations, with an apology demanded from the tabloid that carried the story. In the midst of all of these rumors and allegations, Thabiso Sikwane never uttered a word to the media nor did she grant any interviews. And most importantly, she did not walk out of her marriage.

DJ Fresh Has Also Been Accused Of Rape

Five years after the first infidelity allegations, DJ Fresh was accused of molestation and rape by South African poet and activist, Ntsiki Mazwai through a post on social media. DJ Fresh took the matter to court and as a result of lack of evidence, Mazwai was asked to take down her post. A year after the first rape allegation, DJ Fresh and his friend, Euphonik were accused by a Twitter user called @Nampree of gang-raping her and three of her friends.

This particular allegation was tougher than the previous ones he had faced and almost cost him his career. As a result of this, their job at Radio 94.7 was suspended in January 2021 (and later terminated) until their court case was dismissed. Just like the previous cases, Thabiso Sikwane did not speak against her husband or walk out of their marriage. From the look of things, their bond keeps getting stronger and stronger.

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