Terror Alert: Islamic State Terror Cells Active In SA


With all that the state government is doing to ensure a terrorist free community and as much as the government tries to pull terrorism off from the country, the Islamic State seems to be more intense in their approach to get to the country.

A network of Islamic State terror cells has been discovered to be operating Across the country.

This was revealed through the affidavit of a police officer in the SAPS’s crimes against the state unit.

The Warrant Officer Wynand Olivier’s affidavit was handed in at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court yesterday during the bail application of Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie who were accused of being terrorists linked to the dreaded ISIS.

Olivier’s affidavit was used in the police application for search warrants. It’s also claimed to uncover secrete information on IS operations in Southern Africa.

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The affidavit claimed that siblings Ibrahim and Fatima Patel, also arrested in raids this month, were involved in recruiting for IS.

This affidavit confirms the revelation by terrorism expert who warned earlier, that recruitment of possible terrorists and terror cells are on the rise in South Africa.

It also brings to mind US embassy’s warning that terrorist groups are planning to carry out attacks in South Africa, specifically targeting shopping malls.

Jasmine Opperman, a director at the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium revealed months back that face-to-face recruiters are active with all their terror cells scattered around Cape Town, Johannesburg, Newcastle and Port Elizabeth.

However, in his affidavit, Olivier says the police would search for material “relevant to the planning and carrying out of attacks, including identifying potential targets, maps and routes to and from the targets, and communications between individuals and IS networks.

“Material will reveal the identities and communication methods and lists containing these details and names, pseudonyms of all role-players and in particular material related to Simba, Umm Hurayra and Rachel Levi of the IS network.”

He also alleged that a Cape Town teenager who was intercepted trying to leave the country last year appears to have been recruited “via social media” and telephonic communications with persons using the names Umm Hurayra and Rachel Levi.

“It’s been established that the persons responsible for the recruitment were using addresses in Azaadville. The addresses were occupied by Ibrahim and Fatima Patel.”

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The application was postponed to tomorrow when lawyer Annelene van den Heever, acting for the 23-year-old identical twins, will argue that their arrest in anti-terror raids earlier this month, and their detention, was unlawful.

Regardless of all these, terrorism expert had maintained that while South Africa’s vulnerability to terrorism has increased, it does not mean that we are now on the verge of imminent attacks.