Tembisa Boy Fighting For His Life After Severed Genitals


A shocking brutal incident left a 12-year-old Tembisa boy fighting for his young life in the hospital right after his genitals were ripped off by three men on Monday. His attackers left him for death with severed genitals and took off.

According to police spokesperson Lieutenant Kay Makhubela, two of the young boy’s attackers have been arrested while one of them is still at large.

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 The incident that left a 12-year-old with severed genitals

In the story narrated by the police, the men who left the young boy with severed genitals were not entirely strangers to him as he was able to give the police a description that led to the arrest of two of them.

“This boy was called by three males who are known to him [who said] they wanted to send him to call a lady. They promised to pay him for calling her,” the police spokesperson said.

Unfortunately for the boy, when he went to the three men to get the full details of the errand he was supposed to run for them, they grabbed him and took him under the bridge where they took off his clothes and severed his private parts.

The boy was left for dead by the three men but was later found by a good passer-by who rushed him to a nearby hospital where he is fighting for his life as a result of the severed genitals. His rescuer also alerted the police about the incident.

“Fortunately he knew those involved and he pointed them out. Two were arrested and one is still outstanding.

“The motive is not yet known and the two men will appear in the Tembisa Magistrate’s Court soon,” Makhubela said.

Parents are hereby warned to give their children proper orientation on how to relate with people outside their homes irrespective of who they appear to be.

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