Telkom Webmail Login, Setting and Common Problems

Over the years, Telkom South Africa has become a very strong and vital part of the telecommunication industry in South Africa and beyond. Founded in the early ’90s, the company has continued to serve various communication needs of customers in over 35 African countries. It is one of the leading telecommunications companies in South Africa and is currently one of the top companies in the broadband space with over 500,000 customers.

Despite their position as a market leader in the industry, they have proven that they will stop at nothing when it comes to giving customers optimum satisfaction by providing a wide range of services for their customers like Telkom Music, Telkom ADSL, and Telkom Webmail. Telkom Webmail is one of their services that allows subscribers to send and receive emails from all over the world with ease. If you want to know more about Webmail and how it works, keep reading, as this article is dedicated to helping you take advantage of Telkom Webmail to improve your mailing processes.

What Is A Webmail?

Many people are pretty familiar with our regular mailing process, which can be carried out through the phone or a computer device. Be that as it may, not many people know what webmail is or how it works – so here is an eye-opener.

Telkom Webmail

Webmail helps you access your emails on a web interface or any web browser at all, as long as you are connected to internet service and you have your login details. When you access your domain emails using a webmail interface, you will open your web browser and type in the address of your webmail login panel.

For example, if you are logging into your domain email account via webmail, you will type in https://emerald4.smartwebng into your web browser. Then you would need to enter the address and the password of the domain email account you want to log into. Once logged in, you can then read and send emails from the webmail interface.

How Can I Set Up My Telkom Webmail?

Setting up your Telkom webmail on any device is an easy process and does not require one to have a special set of skills. Webmail is an email service that can be accessed using a standard web browser. Many internet service providers provide webmail as part of their internet service package. Follow the easy steps below if you find it difficult to set up your Telkom webmail.

How to Set Up Telkom Webmail On IOS

Below are the steps for setting up your Telkom email on your IOS devices

  • Click on your mobile phone’s settings icon.
  • Select the option “Mail, Contact, Calendars.”
  • Click on “Add Account.”
  • Select the option “Other.”
  • Click on “Add Mail Account.”
  • Input your email details that include: Your name, email address, and password,  description.
  • Select either POP or IMAP.
  • Next, supply your email details as issued by your email provider.
  • Click on “Next” afterward. Your settings will be verified and added to the account.

Individuals who have authenticated SMTP from their email providers can add a secondary SMTP server to give themselves the option to pick the secondary server to send out on.

Telkom Web

  • Select “Email” account from Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select “Add Server.”
  • Fill in the information required of you by your email service provider.
  • Click “Save.”
  • By selecting “Save,” you have successfully set up your Telkom email on your Phone.
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How To Set Up Telkom Webmail On Your PC

And for your PC – whether a laptop or desktop, here is how it works

  • Click on the “Start” button. Type in “Windows Live Mail” and select “Enter.”
  • When Windows Live Mail opens, click on “Add an e-mail account.”
  • To log in to your account, enter your Telkom address and password.
  • Enter a display name and click “Manually configure server settings for e-mail account.” Then click “Next.”
  • Set POP3 as an incoming mail server. In the POP3 field, enter “”. And finally, in the SMTP field, fill in “”.
  • Click “Next.”
  • Complete your Telkom email set up by clicking “Finish.”

Logging Into Your Telkom Webmail Account

Firstly, you have to download the Telkom webmail mobile app. This was set up to make it easier for users to access their Telkom webmail. Just search on your windows or apple store and download the app. Alternatively, you can click on this link:

After downloading the app or using the above link, you enter your login details (password and username name) and click on login.

How Do I Retrieve My Telkom Webmail Password?

As you try to log in, there might be cases where you might forget or misplace your password because of so many passwords here and there. In that case, all you need to do is:

Click on “I forgot my username or password” and follow the instructions or send “Password” to 0123210215 via SMS, and your password will be sent to you.

It is important that you use a strong password that you can quickly memorize so that you do not keep changing passwords every time you want to log in.

Some Common Problems With Telkom Webmail

Telkom Webmail

There could be hitches here and there when trying to use the Telkom webmail, some would be outlined here, and we would proffer possible solutions to help you get back on.

Inability to log in: After setting up your Telkom webmail, you might be faced with not being able to log into your account. One major cause of this might be your internet connection. So ensure you are properly connected to a good network provider.

Inability to send out or receive emails: If you are expecting a mail and it is not coming through to your inbox, kindly check your spam as most times mail ends up in the spam folder when a new address or an address unidentified sends you mail. More so, if you can’t send out emails, try to find out if the recipient’s address is correct. Furthermore, if your inbox is full, you might be unable to receive more emails. You will have to delete or archive some old emails to allow new ones to come in.

Reached your daily message limits: It is important to know that Telkom Webmail has a daily limit. What this means is that there is a specific number of messages you can send per day. If you are trying to send a mail and see a notification telling you that “you have reached your daily message limit,” save your email as a draft and send it the next day or in the coming days. Better still, you can also try increasing your message sending limits.

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