Teenager Escapes Death As Sugar Mama Squeezes His Testicles With A Plier


A  teenager from Mpumalanga got the shock of his life when his 38-year-old sugar mama squashed his testicles with a pair of pliers upon discovering that he was dating a younger woman.

 the 19-year-old Henry Khosa from Cork near Bushbuckridge, was attacked at his sugar mama’s home in the same area earlier this month. Narrating the incidence that led to the terrible attack, Khosa said things became worse between them when he fell into a deep relationship with a girl his age and he hid it from his sugar mummy

” I tried my level best to hide the relationship from my sugar mama and everyone from my area. It was easy at first because my side chick lives far from my home. I played my cards right until the younger one called my phone while I was with my sugar mama,” he said.

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But the thing leaked out when she got hold of his phone and went through all his messages. She later invited him to her house but he was first reluctant to go due to guilt. After all, he answered to her call and paid her a visit.

“I was sleeping when I woke up from extreme pain in my balls. When I checked I found her tightly squeezing my balls with pliers. She told me that if I move she will tear them apart. I screamed at the top of my voice and begged her to let me go but she refused and told me that she is teaching me a lesson that I will never forget in my life,” said Khosa.

Speaking further, Khosa said  that his sugar mama held on to his testicles for about 10 minutes while she requested that he tell her everything about his new relationship and why he was cheating on her. After long excruciating pains from the tight grip, Khosa got himself kicked out stark naked.

When African Eye News Service approached the woman to hear her own side of the story, she admitted to squashing Khosa’s while she demanded that her name remain unknown from the public.

“At first I was very angry at him because I do almost everything for him. I treat him with respect because I didn’t want the age difference to bother him but still he cheated on me even after he promised that he will never double-cross me,” she said.

Khosa has however refused to press charges against his sugar mama as he  claimed to still be in love with her

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