Fresh Trouble For Daddy Zuma, Teen Claims He’s Her Blesser


It’s certain to most South Africans that our president Jacob Zuma, is an honorable ladies’ man. Alright, many like always, would argue that it’s unsuitable to describe the leader as honorable.

Anyway, that’s almost irrelevant to the point of the first sentence in the paragraph above. And, an argument for another day.

The point is, Zuma has a heart for women. Big time, he likes ladies a lot, and is undoubtedly active in that.

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His many wives and the infamous event that led to his assertion that a shower after unprotected sex can reduced the possibility of being infected with HIV/Aids demonstrates the truth of the preceding sentiment.

Certainly, a just discuss of daddy Zuma’s legacy cannot overlook how his passion for females caused him avoidable headaches.

The way things are, Mr Zuma is likely to have another taste of the avoidable headache.

Series of photographs showing a young woman kissing a man who from all indication, is President Zuma has circulated on social media platforms with the sharer claiming that Mr President is her blesser.

Surely, pictures are easily manipulated this days. But considering the glorious status of Mr Zuma as South Africa’s presidents, such pictures can’t be simply ignored.

For one thing, the president’s reputation is at stake. For another, he has more than once, condemned the activities of blesser in the country. Condemning what he’s practicing makes him a certified hypocrite, and, that’s very uncool.

For those who aren’t familiar with the South African terminologies for unpleasant sexual cultures, a blesser refers to an older man or woman who gives a younger woman or man, money or gifts in exchange for sex.

The 19-year-old woman identified as Lindokuhle Dlamini posted series of selfies of herself with the president on a social media platform and, attached a caption that read: “He is not just a blesser, we are in-love and I am grateful for all that he has done for me, much love. Xo xo.”

Reacting to the photos which quickly went viral, the Presidency vowed to trace the source and the true story of the pictures.

“We will check the matter,” Presidency spokesperson Bongani Ngqulunga promised.

Meanwhile, it’s on record that Zuma once lamented about blessers as stated below.

“We need to protect our youth, especially young South African women and girls, from abuse and exploitation through new shocking phenomena in our country such as the so-called sex parties or sex stokvels known as the mavuso.

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…We cannot and should not subject our children to this abuse and danger. The long-term impact on their lives, and on our successful fight against HIV and Aids is too ghastly to contemplate,” charged sweet Zuma.

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