‘Taxpayer’s Money Pays For Investments, Not Your Money’ Zak Mbhele Tells ANC


A Member of Parliament from the Democratic Alliance Zak Mbhele has hit the nail on the head by telling the ANC that the money spent on the achievements they are boasting of does not belong to the party, but to millions of South African taxpayers.

“That is money that comes from all the citizens of the country who are paying for that investment,” Zak Mbhele declared.

Zak Mbhele criticised Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane over the comments that people putting up in affluent suburbs were wasting water on their gardens and filling their Jacuzzi.

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He made it clear that the ministers themselves reside in the leafy Newlands. He said Water and Sanitation Minister Mokonyane once had repairs done to her pool which cost the government an outrageous amount of R500 000. This is all taxpayer’s money not ANC’s.

“All that money, and it wasn’t even for drinking water,” said Mbhele.

Meanwhile people’s throats are drying up in different parts of the country due to lack of water caused by a raging drought that has lingered.

He listed towns around the country that did not have water, after Mokonyane said the country’s dams were at 53% capacity.

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The dryness has forced some of the residents in the drought stricken areas to spend about R1 per litre for portable water while some who could not afford it resorted to drinking from dirty streams.

Also livestock farmers in Limpopo’s farming zone had no option but to dig for water in the Mogalakwena River.

His speech came towards the end of a vehement debate of responses to President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address delivered last week.

Zak Mbhele received a standing ovation after his speech.