Tango Ncetezo’s Biography: Age and Life of Paulina from The River

Tango Ncetezo is a 39-year-old South African movie star best known for her role as Paulina from The River and Lindiwe in the second season of the SABC1 drama series, A Place Called Home.

Tango is a quiet and soft-spoken introvert and anti-social media personality. It is hard to believe that she turned out as a media personality due to the type of person she is.

Tango Ncetezo’s Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Tango Ncetezo
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 21st December 1984
  • Tango Ncetezo’s Age: 39 years old
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Tango Ncetezo’s Parents: Pinky and Mbulelo Ncetezo
  • Siblings: Kgositsile
  • Tango Ncetezo’s Net Worth: $400,000 – $700,000
  • Famous for: Actress, TV personality, Paulina from the River
  • Tango Ncetezo’s Instagram: @Tangoncetezo
  • Twitter: @TangoNcetezo
  • Facebook: Tango Ncetezo

How Old Is Tango Ncetezo and Where is She From?

Tango Ncetezo is a South African TV personality born on the 21st of December, 1984, which makes her 39 years old. She was born in East Rand, Johannesburg, and was raised by her parents, Pinky and Mbulelo Ncetezo, until she was two years old. When she turned two, her parents got the chance to leave the country for the United States of America to study Psychology.

Upon leaving the country, her parents had to leave her and her younger brother, Kgositsile, under the care of her grandparents – Josephine and Jacob Masegome. However, Tango didn’t have to miss her parents so much as there was so much love and happiness in her grandparents’ house.

She had her cousins around, and they were the only friends she had. She and her cousins rarely played outside their home with the children in the neighborhood, but they had so much fun inside. They were so many in her grandparent’s house that some of them even had to sleep on the floor.

But that was not much of a problem as there was so much love in the house and her grandmother had delicious meals. It is noteworthy that Tango Ncetezo and her brother moved back with her parents after returning to South Africa. There is no other detail available about her parents or her brother.

Tango Ncetezo Struggled Through High School

Tango Ncetezo did not have a smooth ride through high school. Before matric exams, her classmates were already sure of what they wanted to be. They had some sort of direction, but that was not her case as Tango was not initially a very bright student academically.

She had no idea what she wanted to do after matriculation. In high school, she had no interest in school activities and preferred to be on her own. She had what many would term “an anti-social personality.”

Her disposition in high school made her matriculation examination an uphill task for her. She was unsure of herself and thought she would not pass the exams. Thankfully, she exceeded her expectations as she passed the exam.

Tango Ncetezo’s Parents Were Not Convinced About Her Decision To Become An Actress

After passing her matriculation exams, young Tango was still very much at sea regarding the next phase of life, so she took a gap year. Throughout the gap year, she was not doing anything until her friend told her about the performing arts school AFDA, where she could take a course in directing and live performance.

With Tango being a reserved person who didn’t always have an interest in acting or working with so many people, she developed an interest in studying art. After all, she was doing nothing at that time, and she didn’t have any other plans. However, her parents did not buy the idea. Her father felt she was out of her mind to think she would study film.

Her parents probably expected that she would study a professional course and attend a normal university. It took Tango three months to convince her father to allow her to go to Performing Arts School AFDA. Thankfully, her parents allowed her on the basis that she would build a career out of it.

She Faced Some Level Of Rejection At The Beginning Of Her Career

After graduating from AFDA, Tango Ncetezo did not find it easy to start a career in the entertainment industry. She stayed at home for up to a year without getting my job. She went for several auditions, but the competition was too much, and she found it difficult to get a role.

Being an introverted person contributed to making things more difficult for her. To worsen the situation, like with her matriculation exam, she did even believe in her talent. Finally, she had to call herself to order, as she realized that keeping to herself would not help her actualize her dream. She had to show that she was confident during auditions.

Tango Ncetezo Had Her Career Breakthrough At The Age Of 24

Finally, Tango Ncetezo started finding favor in the sight of directors. She was fortunate to land a role in the SABC3 hospital drama, Jozi-H. Tango was so surprised when she got the role that she could not wrap her head around what the director saw in her to give her the role.

In the series, she played the role of a lady who thought she was pregnant when it was a growth in her stomach. Her first time in front of the camera served as an eye-opener and revealed that she had a place in the entertainment industry and as a movie star.

She kept developing herself on this path until she had her first big break in the SABC1’s drama, A Place Called Home, where she starred as Lindiwe, a street kid and the lead character.

After ‘A Place Called Home,’ She Has Featured In Other Productions

Tango Ncetezo was opportune to feature in another major role between 2012 and 2013; this time, it was in the series, Inkaba, where she played the role of young Sindile. She continued her career path as she starred yet again in the SABC1 drama series Sticks and Stones in 2014

Tango has starred in many household movies and has become a household name in South Africa. She starred in various soapies like Single Guyz, Mina Nawe, End Game, Rockville, and Zabalaga Z’bondiwe.

In 2017, she appeared in the SABC1 sitcom, Thuli no Thulani, where she played the role of a single mom with a 10-year-old child who began to stay with her twin brother after various incidents of ill luck.

Her Role As Paulina in The River Is One Of Her Biggest So Far

In The River, Tango Ncetezo played the character of a lousy, loud, and noisy tavern owner named Paulina. The soap opera still airs on Mzansi magic, and she has played this role from the inception of the soapie until its current season (Season Four).

While her character in this series is the exact opposite of herself in reality (Paulina is social while Tango is anti-social), she has continued to deliver her role excellently. Today, Tango has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She is now more confident, and she is grateful that she didn’t lose her true essence of herself. She is also grateful for all the love and support she received when she was unsure of what she wanted for herself in life.

Who is Tango Ncetezo Dating Now? 

So many celebrities prefer to broadcast details about their personal life, but that’s not the case for Tango Ncetezo. The actress seems to be a lot different as she has kept her life as private as possible.

She hinted to News24 that she had a boyfriend, and they were in a relationship she was happy with. Regardless of this fact, the identity of her so-called lover was not disclosed, and to date, there has not been any report on whether they are still in a relationship or are separated.


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