Takealot Unboxed Deal: +5 Things You Should Know About The Huge Discount Price Offer

I know, you have many questions to ask Takealot South Africa. You don’t only want to get the eCommerce retailers’ contact number and yell at whoever is at the other end about Takealot mobile site being unusually sluggish and frustrating your plans to take part in Takealot unboxed Deal.

You are also pissed about what’s happening to your Kalahari Takealot eReader and would love to have some private chat with the online shopping customer care guys on how to effectively use Takealot app.

Possibly, you’re also confused about how to get Takealot books, and, have been striving to comprehend the terms and conditions surrounding Takealot voucher and coupons.

Many will be disappointed if this piece fails to disclose when Takealot black Friday will come up again. The truth is, you won’t find everything you want to know about the eCommerce retailers here.

The focus here is on how to make Takealot Unboxed Deal purchases and, the following are the things you should know about it.

1. The Discount Prices are for returned and shop soiled products

True, you will get some huge discount prices for products in Takealot Unboxed Deal. Nonetheless, the products you’ll receive are either “returned” or “shop soiled”.

Takealot says the products could show signs of slight use due to handling, minor cosmetic imperfections or be missing the original packaging.

The company won’t deny that they sometimes reseal or replace the original packaging of products. This is peculiar to the Unboxed deal.

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2. You almost can’t ensure the quality of Unboxed Deals

If you’re hoping to ensure the quality of the products you’ll get from Unboxed Deals, you’re probably asking for the moon.

Nevertheless, each Unboxed Deal is evaluated and quality checked by Takealot to ensure it’s in good condition before it is made available for repurchase.

That’s the only quality assurance you’ll get.

3. Unboxed Deals warranty

Okay, this is also a way to assure you the Unboxed Deals weren’t initiated to dispose returned/shop soiled and swindle buyers.

Generally, the deals are backed by Takealot 6 month standard warranty if the product is defective within that period. All you have to do is to comply with Takealot Returns Policy.

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However, Unboxed Deals don’t have extended supplier warranties.

4. Returning Unboxed Deal

For whatever reason, if you have a change of mind about an Unboxed Deal you made, you can return the product within 30 days for a full credit. But, it must be done in accordance with Takealot Returns Policy.

When you comply with the policy, the reduced price paid for the Unboxed Deal at the time of purchase will be credited back to you.

5. Exchanging or replacing an Unboxed Deal

More good news. You can exchange or replace Unboxed Deals if the specific product, a different size or colour variation of the product you want is available as an Unboxed Deal at the time of your request.

When the product isn’t available as an Unboxed Deal, you will be offered a repair or account credit. Again, this is done in accordance with the company’s Returns Policy.

6. You Can’t Use EFT Payment For Unboxed Deal

The option to make EFT payment is not available for Unboxed Deal purchases.

According to Takealot, this is so because Unboxed Deal quantities are limited. As such, Takealot reserve product for buyers in the order, they receive payment.

Citing the delay with EFT payments, the firm decided that it will only accept instant payment methods for Unboxed Deals.

7. Using coupon for Unboxed Deal 

You can use a coupon or voucher to buy an Unboxed Deal.  Using a promotional discount coupon or a gift voucher for making Unboxed Deals aren’t prohibited.

Also, Unboxed Deals are qualified for free shipping. But, Takealot standard free shipping on orders above R450 applies.

8. You can only be sure of receiving the product when you pay immediately 

For Unboxed Deal, products are reserved for customers in the order Takealot receive payment.

You’re assured that adding an Unboxed Deal to your cart or completing your order for an Unboxed Deal without paying for it won’t reserve the product for you.

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Takealot Unboxed Deal Isn’t Bundle Deal

Unlike Unboxed Deals, Bundle Deals refers to two or more individual products which, when purchased together as a bundle, get you entitled to a discount on the purchase price of the products.

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