Abandon Your Fears for Whites and Take Back Your Land, Malema Charges Fighters


The Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) charged his black supporters to stop being afraid of whites and take back their land.

To Juju, the land rightfully belong to blacks and taking it back from whites is the best way to honour the late famous leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

Mr Malema made the remarks while he was addressing members of his party at the party’s memorial service held to honour the former Cuban President in Soweto.

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The EFF leader told his audience to stop sucking up to white people, but take the land and honour Fidel Castro’s efforts towards the liberation of South Africa.

He said:

“Take your land because it belongs to you. That’s the only way you can honour Fidel Castro.

If it was not because of Fidel Castro, most African countries were not going to be liberated. It was the people of Cuba who deliberately came to help African people to liberate themselves. “

Addressing white South Africans he said: “We have no guns. We do not threaten to shoot you, we’re asking for you to return the land to its rightful owners.

“One day we’re going to have an outburst. We’re unemployed because of them. We’re dying of diseases because of them. We’re illiterate because of them. We’ve surrendered to drugs because of you. You owe us a lot.”

Also, the party rejected the Commonwealth saying it will not form part of Parliament’s delegation to the 62nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference for 2016 in London.

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To them, the Commonwealth is an association convened by the British Monarchy.

The party argued that the British Monarchy, instead of taking full responsibility for its crimes of genocide, colonisation and anti-black racism, has continued to express influence over its former colonies through the Commonwealth.

Thus, the Fighters called on the African continent and all other former British colonies to reject the British monarchy by refusing to be convened by it in the Commonwealth.

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