Suspected Carjackers Shot In A Face Off With Soweto Police


A dramatic exchange of fire ensued between police and two suspected carjackers who got wounded during a face off with Soweto police on Sunday night.

In his statement, acting IPID spokesperson Robbie Raburabu said that police officers from the Flying Squad had noticed a suspicious vehicle which suddenly sped off. The officers embarked on a chase to stop the criminals from running away and thus, the suspects allegedly opened fire and the police responded which turned out to be fatal as the assailants were wounded.

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“The suspects in the car allegedly shot at the officers who returned fire. The vehicle ended up at a private clinic in Lenasia and the suspects apparently abandoned the car there and fled on foot in different directions,” Raburabu said.

The suspected carjackers were later searched out by the K9 unit in the hospital where one of them sustained a gunshot wound to the leg in a failed attempt to disarm an officer

“The K9 Unit came and searched for the suspects and one of the men was cornered hiding in the toilet in the hospital. As officers moved to detain him, he tried to grab the policeman’s firearm and he was shot in the process. He sustained a gunshot wound to the leg,” Raburabu said.

The two suspected carjackers are both receiving medical care in a hospital under the watch of the police as the other suspect was also wounded during the previous exchange of fire.

In a similar but more fatal case, the Cape Town Metro Police confirmed that a smash-and-grab suspect was shot dead by a female motorist in Bonteheuwel.

The City of Cape Town Deputy Chief Yolande Faro in a statement said the incident was believed to have taken place at 14:10.

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“It is alleged that the deceased had smashed the car’s window and the woman driver shot him,” police said.

The motorist then drove straight to the Bishop Lavis police station, where Metro officers found her at 15:25, but due to the trauma she was passing through, she could not be questioned immediately.