ANC May Not Survive After Launching Its Manifesto; See Why


Wits University Graduate School of Public and Development Management Professor, Susan Booysen has slammed the ANC after the party launched its manifesto in Port Elizabeth. To her, the ANC has shown all and sundry that it has all the earmarks of a confused, destabilized and failed party. The ruling party has also made people with little or no education to accept the fact that it has failed.

Speaking further on Sunday, she asserted that following the party’s signature clearly seen above troubled-dotted lines, South Africans would no longer be fooled.

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Susan Booysen said, “the ANC thinks that the nation is an idiot but even the most uneducated South African is astute, they can see what is happening, they can see through the smokescreen.”

The defiant professor revealed that the ANC’s failure to fill up the 46 000-seater Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium at its elections manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth at the weekend shows that all is not well in their camp.

“They have been packing stadiums all these years without having logistical nightmares. They have never come this short in the 22 years of power, this is a serious change,” she said.

The ANC held its election manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth at the weekend and instead of the 100 000 expected supporters, only 42 000 supporters showed up. Actually, president Jacob Zuma and the top five did received a thunderous welcome at their arrival but some supporters reportedly chose to take a walk while the president was speaking. Others reportedly worsened the nightmare of the party by having a nice time outside of the stadium.

Moving on, Professor Susan Booysen said the party’s claim that poor logistics was the reason behind the poor turnout is totally unsatisfactory. She said the consequences of the scanty stadium are enormous and attributed the drastic ugly change to two things – poor organization or lost in the number of fans.

She however alleged that the ANC has always been good at reminding South Africans of the painful past. She accused them of reminding people of the oppression, racism and instigate them to sever ties with those that seek to threaten the gains made by the liberation movement.

Susan Booysen Slams Zuma’s Speech

Commenting on Zuma’s speech at the stadium, Booysen asserted “We heard most of what he said five years ago. For example he gave a new strategy about selecting councillors back then but it was never implemented. He said councillors could not do business with the state but he failed to say the president was prevented from doing business with national government,” she slammed the embattled leader.

Meanwhile, political analyst Ebrahim Fakir has countered Booysen’s views, saying attendance does not mean anything.

The political analyst asserted that “People are busy and have things to do. I’m deeply discomforted by the fetishisation of ‘full stadia’, singing, dancing and cheering. It’s too close to the trope of the ‘happy, singing, dancing, clapping’ native. Please don’t reduce society to that. It’s racist, bigoted and patronizing.”

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