Supporters Of This “New” South Africa Really Need To Rethink Their Convictions


With a recent publication on this site titled “White Racists Say Apartheid Wasn’t A Crime Against Humanity“, South Africans (Both Whites and Blacks) apparently pissed with the write ups reacted via lengthy comments and emails. Some of such reactions, predictably coming from black South Africans were (as expected) out-rightly insulting and full of threats obviously meant to refute the insinuations of the said publication referring blacks as major contributors of “the distress in South Africa”.

While it was very difficult to guess the race (color) of other responses with short comments like “annoyingly truthful”, it was easier to identify reactions coming from white South Africans. For as some feedback argued that the 47% sampled whites who didn’t agree that apartheid was a crime, “is not a perfect representation of the larger white community in South Africa”, others insisted apartheid was never a crime but a “system that prevented blacks from the havoc and the now widespread devastation they (blacks) have brought upon South Africa”. It was thus, quite easier to guess such reactions as coming from whites.

Interestingly, these presumed whites issued a rejoinder in an effort to prove apartheid was “never bad as the media made it”, and referred us to two different articles titled “Think again before you call yourself a supporter of the ‘New’ South Africa”. These articles presented numerous information that really suggested apartheid was never as evil as we were told. Below are some of the highlights found therein, it might just change your ken about apartheid if you’re objective.

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Regarding Education

It have been said in many occasions that the apartheid white government neglected the education of the majority blacks. But then;

  • The amount budgeted for black education increased by almost 30% more than any other government department from 1970
  • The number of black scholars increased from 35000 to 1,096,000 between 1955 to 1984
  • 71% of the adult black population could read and write in 1988
  • 15 new classrooms were built for black scholars per working day
  • There were 42,000 black students enrolled at South African Universities in 1985
  • There were 5 black universities and 28 higher education institution funded by the government
  • And, Soweto had 365 schools versus Pretoria which had 229.

On Health

The white government was accused of leaving the black populace to die out from diseases as there were no quality health centers for them to receive medical care. It was however reported that;

  • In 1988, blacks could undergo a complicated heart valve surgery for just more than $1 whereas black Americans had to pay $15,000
  • About 2000 and 3000 of these surgeries were done per year
  • The white government built Baraagwanath with 3000 beds in Soweto which was then, one of the largest and most modern hospitals in the world
  • Blacks were treated here at a nominal cost of R2 for an unlimited period and more than 898 heart surgeries were done here
  • Next to the Baragwantha Hospital is the St. John eye clinic famous for the treatment of glaucoma, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases
  • Also, the government built a highly modern hospital MEDUNSA in 1978 at the cost of R70 million on 35 hectares with living and sleeping facilities for male and female students.
  • It was the only specialized university of its kind in Africa financed by white taxpayers exclusively to benefit blacks
  • Black doctors, dentists, veterinarians and para-medical staff were trained
  • And the costs of almost all students who mainly came from the national homelands were taken care of by the government.

Standard Of Living/Economy

Again, we were told half of the story. Nobody mentioned that;

  • The average monthly income of black workers in South Africa was $127 versus the $140 in the US,  the richest country in the world
  • 146,000 of Lesotho’s male population were employed in 1983 and they earned R280,6 million
  • Blacks monthly income per capita in 1988 was R352 per month in South Africa
  • Black workers earned R1,751 million which was then 25.5% of the total wage fees in South Africa
  • Which increased by 1000% in 1984 to represent 32.3% (R17,238 million) of total wage in South Africa
  • There were over 2300 registered firms, 1000 taxi operator and 50,000 car owners in Soweto

That’s not all. A Canadian physician, Dr. Kenneth Walker buttressed the points above when he visited Soweto and observed that;

  • There were several houses worth more than R100,000 with various BMW’s at the door
  • Only 2% of homes were shacks with neat building and with lawns
  • The city has more schools, churches, cars, taxis and sports fields than any other independent African states.

With all these facts, blacks paid only R171 million as tax whereas whites paid R9000 million in 1986/1987 financial year.

Talk About Transportation

It was recorded that South African trains ran on more rail lines than in West Germany, carried more passengers than Switzerland, have better punctuality record than Austria and exported car parts to 100 countries. In addition, South Africa provided training for the airline personnel of other countries.

In Agriculture

The story is as well positive here for as reported by “Argus African News Service”, a minimum of 12 African countries were dependent on South Africa’s grain that a total ban on imports and exports would have destroyed them economically. Also, South Africa produced more wheat than Canada, more wool than US, more wine than Greece and more fish than Great Britain.


Unlike the present challenges we are now forced to embrace in terms of load shedding and huge bills, South Africa then, produced more electrical energy than Italy.

With all these records, and the deteriorating condition of South Africa, isn’t it justifiable for some white South Africans to claim apartheid was never a crime? Isn’t it necessary to rethink endorsing “new” South Africa? If these records are factual, then the supporters of this “new” South Africa really need to rethink their convictions

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