Sun City South Africa: Accommodation, Vacation Clubs & Facts For Tourists

Sun City South Africa was once seen as a symbol of oppression in a country without morality or shame during the reigns of the apartheid government. Viewed as a playground for wealthy white South Africans, the United Nations and other foreign bodies who supported the disintegration of apartheid policies outrightly campaigned against people visiting the resort. This view has however changed since the first democratic elections were held in the country in 1994 as tourists from all over the world have now gotten a chance to spend some time in a place described as a fantasy world that rises out of the African landscape.

Located between the Elands River and the Pilanesberg, in the North-West Province of South Africa, Sun City South Africa is a must-visit place for anybody looking to enjoy a truly unmatched resort experience, either with the family or as a romantic getaway.

Accommodation at Sun City South Africa

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Sun City South Africa has accommodations that are designed with the intention of giving a lifetime experience. The resort is home to four hotels that each has its own individual style, character, restaurants, and ambience that would suit everyone. Visitors have the option of choosing between the lavish opulence at The Palace of the Lost City, the family-focused Cabanas, the glamour of Soho Hotel, and the elegance of the Cascades.

1. The Palace of The Lost City, which is surrounded by a man-made forest and lush botanical gardens that are crisscrossed with hiking trails, was inspired by a myth of a lost African kingdom of beauty and pleasure. Located on the highest ground at Sun City which ensures its visibility from across the resort, the palace has further made sure to indulge in every detail the fantasy of an African palace with architecture and mosaics. Other visible features of the hotel include murmuring streams, gushing waterfalls, and sculpture-lined walkways.

2. Cabanas Hotel is the most affordable hotel in Sun City South Africa and it is an ideal place for a family vacation. Designed to serve the need of a family on vacation, the hotel provides interesting activities and fun locations for both children and parents. Some of the features of the hotel include a supervised kiddies’ play area and family-friendly restaurants.

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3. Taking the shape of an Aztec temple, The Cascades Hotel is another one of the available accommodations in Sun City that was built to add to the ambience of a hidden kingdom in a lush wonderland. The hotel is home to a selection of excellent restaurants and boasts no less than three swimming pools, including one for children and a heated pool. There is also a private beach and a tanning island.

4. The Soho Hotel is the center point of the Sun City resort, ideal for people looking to indulge in their favorite pastimes. It is perfectly positioned to allow its guests to soak up the sun around a glorious pool, pamper their senses in a spa, or improve their handicap on a championship golf course. Features of the Soho include a selection of top-notch restaurants, the finest casino salon privés.

Sun City Vacation Club

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Sun City Vacation Club is a self-catering holiday accommodation that was designed for families to enable them to have a luxurious and pleasurable stay. Luxury units here are sold on a 10-year rotating holiday club membership basis that not only allows you to experience a new way to holiday but also gives you unrivalled access to non-stop entertainment and fun things to do within the Sun City Resort.

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Facts For Tourists

1. Tourists can enjoy a nice meal in any of the many restaurants in any Sun City Hotel.

2. There is a Sun City entrance fee for daily visitors. For hotel guests, however, there is no entrance fee.

3. Other amazing and mind-boggling features of the resort include the Lazy River, the Roaring Lagoon, the Valley of the Waves waterpark, the Bridge of Time (which are decorated with life-sized elephant statues), the Lost City amusement park, the Monkey Spring Plaza, the Temple of Courage, and the Royal Bath pool. It also has two international-standard 18-hole golf courses

4. The movie Blended (2014) which featured Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler was filmed mostly on the premises of the Sun City South Africa resort. The film also went on to premiere there.

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