Sun City Inmates Wreck Havoc In Prison Over Human Rights


Inmates at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wednesday morning went on a rampage over the violation of their human rights.

The infuriated prisoners immediately started a fire shortly after the prison was unlocked this morning.

As gathered, the perpetrators set the dustbin in the courtyard of Medium B correctional centre on fire at 6.00am.

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Occupants of the jail, popularly called the Sun City alleged that the prison head was perpetuating violence. Not only that, they accused the correctional service of denying them some human rights.

An inmate who pleaded anonymity told reporters that the services bluntly refused to grant them access to basic needs, despite the huge amount of money it receives as budget each year.

“We do not have any soap. Basically, toiletries are scarce here – no rights to clothing, no rights to medication … most of our appointments with doctors are canceled and they said it’s for security purpose,” the prisoner claimed.

Others who made a fuss about the unfairness said they revolted after their TV sets were taken away by the correctional services.

Other speakers maintained that they also have a right to basic sanitation and other things, despite the fact they are paying for their wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Correctional Services spokesperson Manelisi Wolela confirmed that “a group of offenders at the Sun City Prison started fires after unlocking this morning. He disclosed that officials reinforced and extinguished the fire and that no injuries were sustained.

In addition, Wolela told reporters everyone is safe and fine, as the service has just finished counting prisoners. He added that correctional services officials would hold talks with the inmates to discuss the reasons for their behavior.

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The services also vowed to institute internal disciplinary processes and also bring criminal charges against those offenders found responsible for the fires.

“We reassure people that matters are under control at the Johannesburg Management Area,” it said.