Stylish Bapedi Sepedi Traditional Attire and Dresses For Makoti

Pedi People of South Africa are known to have a very unique cultural heritage. This can be seen in their traditional rites, attires, food, and music. Their traditional attires are usually made of unique colors and patterns that make them stand out from other tribes like Xhosa or Zulu. One of the things that are very common about Sepedi traditional attires is the shouty colors like yellow, pink, and blue. These colors make it easy for a Sepedi makoti to choose what exactly she wants to rock for her traditional wedding.

The colors can also make it difficult if the bride and her dressmaker are not good at color blending. The truth is that you don’t have to create your own style, you can simply rock a stylish Bapedi Sepedi traditional wedding attire from this list. To help you choose a perfect style that fits your body shape, we have compiled a list of 20 stylish Bapedi Sepedi traditional wedding attire for a makoti.

Who Is A Makoti?

A Makoti is a newly married bride. In order to properly transition from being a single lady to a married woman, the bride is taught what she must do to honor her marriage by her aunty and she goes to live with her in-laws, who will teach her how to treat her husband.

Beautiful Bapedi Sepedi Traditional Makoti Dresses and Attire

When choosing a makoti attire, some of the things you should consider include how fashionable it is, how traditional it is, comfort, decency, and elegance. You should also consider whether or not the outfit will match your body type. These are the things we have put into consideration to create this list of Sepedi traditional attires for a makoti.

1. Pleated Knee-Length Gown

The embroidery and patterns on this pleated gown make it a core traditional Bapedi attire. And just like most traditional attires, it is perfect for ladies of any body size. For slim ladies, the pleating makes their body seem fuller and for chubby and plus-sized ladies, the gown hides some of their body folds. For curvy ladies, even though the gown may not accentuate the shape, but it won’t hide it.

You can rock this outfit for your traditional wedding, or as a newly married bride. Just like it is in the picture, you can rock it with white sneakers to give it a more traditional look, but if you wish to look more elegant, a pair of high heels will be a great option. Using beaded accessories, especially on your neck and hand will also be great.

2. Sleeveless Maxi Flay Gown

This is another stylish Bapedi Sepedi traditional attire for a makoti that practically every makoti can wear irrespective of her body size. The length and style of the gown make it decent, seeing that it covers practically every relevant part of the lady’s body. To give this Makoti attire the elegance it deserves, it is best worn with sandal heels. You can wear this modern Sepedi traditional attire for a traditional wedding.

3. Two-Step Mermaid Gown

Unlike the first two gowns on this list of stylish Bapedi Sepedi traditional attire and dresses for a makoti, this two-step mermaid gown is best for slim and curvy ladies. To give it the best fitting, wearing a waist trainer inside to help tuck your tummy in will be a good idea, especially if you do not have a flat tummy.

The design at the upper part of the gown makes it look more detailed and the flared part around her knees to her legs gives room for a more comfortable movement. You can rock this gown to a traditional wedding and even a white wedding as a guest. This outfit is best with heels.

4. One Side Armless Mermaid Gown

This style is very similar to the two-step mermaid gown but is unique in its own way. It is best for curvy ladies, but may still look good on slim and chubby ladies. As a result of the details around the hand and the knee, it is best if you employ the skills of a well-skilled and creative dressmaker to make this type of dress.

You can use this outfit for a traditional wedding or storm a wedding of a family member or a friend. This outfit is best with heels, and depending on the look you want to create, you can use sandal heels or closed-toe heels. If you also intend to use a hair tie, ensure that you wear earrings that are pronounced.

5. One Side Armless A-Line Gown With Peplum

This outfit is perfect for ladies who are slender, because the peplum around the lady’s waist adds more volume to it, as well as makes the outfit more fashionable. Curvy ladies who are not comfortable with their backside looking too obvious can also rock this style, as the peplum will do a great job hiding it. However, this outfit may not be a good idea for plus-sized ladies because it would make them look fuller than they already are.

If you want to rock this outfit, but don’t feel comfortable about allowing your cleavage to show, you can as well request that your dressmaker does some modifications to the outfit. This outfit is best with sandal heels.

6. Short Ball Gown

This particular modern traditional Sepedi attire is best for ladies who do not mind going the extra mile to look fashionable. Whenever you wear this outfit, be ready to attract a lot of attention to yourself because the patterns on the dress are bold and the colors are also shouty. If you must rock this dress as a Sepedi makoti, then work with a good dressmaker who knows how to play with colors.

For the best look, you should rock this outfit with formal shoes, however, nice sandal heels won’t look bad. It is noteworthy to add that the outfit may be comfortable to wear while standing, but may not be comfortable while sitting as a result of its volume.

7. Maxi Below Knee Gown

This is another Sepedi traditional attire for a makoti that is not selective. Any makoti who do not want to bother about choosing an outfit that may not lóok good on them -irrespective of their body type and size – should consider choosing this one. However, this will only be the case if the dress is well made.

To make this look more fashionable and detailed, you can consider adding some beads accessories on your neck and hands. You can rock this attire with white sneakers. And even though black heels won’t be wrong, using colored heels that match will make you look more fashionable.

8. Peplum Blouse And Mermaid Skirt

This outfit looks busy, so if you love it and wish to make it, then work with a dressmaker who knows how to handle volumes and do a nice job. The outfit is not a good idea for plus-sized ladies because it already has a lot of volume around the abdomen and knee area. If you do not like the length of the skirt, you can modify the style to make it a long mermaid skirt. For the best fitting, this style is best worn with heels.

9. Maxi Blouse and Skirt

If you are a Sepedi makoti who wants to uphold the Sepedi traditional heritage and do not want to add a blend of the modern fashion trend to your look, then this outfit will be a great option. You should also consider this outfit if you want traditional wedding attire that is not selective in terms of body types.

This attire is also comfortable and will enable you to do all the movements you need to do on your traditional wedding day. You can also rock this attire on Heritage Day. It is best rocked with white sneakers.

10. Yellow Mermaid Gown

This yellow mermaid gown is indeed a fashion piece and if you intend to attract as much attention as possible at your traditional wedding, this outfit can do the job. The color is shouty, the body flowery design on the shoulders is detailed and the flowers around the chest add more beauty. As a result of how shouty the yellow color is, you want to be careful with the color of the shoe and bag you wear with it. Sandal heels will be the best option.

11. Below-The-Knee Pencil Gown

A slim Pedi lady can rock this outfit for a church service, a day at work, or attend weddings. The outfit is simple and elegant and is best worn with heels. However, if you wish to wear this gown to visit a friend, you can wear it with simple slippers. Because of the details at the bottom of the gown, you will need a very skilled dressmaker. A chubby person can also rock this style with the help of a waist trainer. As a result of how fitted the gown is, it is not the best option for chubby ladies.

12. Yellow Peplum Ball Gown

This is another beautiful Bapedi Sepedi traditional attire for a makoti, the outfit is detailed and truly stylish. Thankfully, it goes well on almost any lady, as long as the dressmaker does his or her job well. But, it may not look good for plus-sized ladies because of the Peplum. For a plus-sized lady to wear this outfit, she can instruct her dressmaker to remove the Peplum so that the outfit does not make her fuller.

This outfit is best with heels, even after your traditional wedding, you can wear this gown to attend another wedding and even for Sunday services – if you are a Christian. If you are not comfortable with exposing your cleavage, you can request a style modification.

13. Maxi Blouse And Wrapper

This outfit is a core Bapedi Sepedi traditional attire for makotis. If you are someone who upholds and appreciates the Pedi culture, then this outfit will be a good idea. And as is common with most core traditional makoti attires, this outfit does not select body type or size. To add more details and to make the outfit more traditional, adorn yourself with as many beads on your neck and hands as you like, just don’t make it scanty. This outfit is rocked with white sneakers. Some ladies prefer for the wrapper to be shorter.

14. Peplum Blouse And A-Line Skirt

A makoti who wants something decent, beautiful, modern, traditional, and elegant should consider this attire because it has all of these qualities. The outfit is nice for slim ladies, chubby ladies, and curvy ladies, but may not be a good idea for plus-sized ladies. It can be rocked for your traditional wedding, or as a wedding guest. You can also rock this outfit for a worship service, and not feel overdressed, because of its simplicity. For the best look, wear it with heels.

15. Four-Step Strapless Gown

This outfit is great for very slim ladies or for chubby ladies. For slim ladies, it makes them look fuller and for chubby ladies, it gives them a nice look without the need for wearing a waist trainer. The outfit is also very comfortable. However, this dress may not be easy to make, as such, you want a creative dressmaker to make it for you. For the best fashionable look, heels will be a good option.

16. Short Mermaid Skirt And Button Top

This outfit is simple, classy, and elegant. It is a beautiful fashion piece that is decent and perfect for a makoti who is slim. Even with no curves, the skirt will still do a great job of accentuating your shape. You can wear this outfit for your traditional wedding, as a wedding guest, for Heritage Day, or even for a day at work when you want to look traditional.

This outfit can be rocked with a sandal heel or formal heels depending on the look you want to create. This is a modern traditional attire and does not require so many beads. If you want to use a headtie, bold earrings may be a better option

17. White And Pink A-Line Gown

This outfit is suitable for all body types except for plus-sized ladies. If you are plus-sized and want to rock this outfit, you will need a waist trainer. The slit that the upper part of the gown that exposes the lady’s cleavage adds more beauty, but if you are not comfortable with it, you can modify the outfit, this dress is best with heels.

18. Pleated Blouse And Pencil Skirt

This outfit is great for almost every body type and does not require a waist trainer, however, considering that it has different colors in it, you need a dressmaker that is good at combining colors. You can decide to make the length of the skirt to be as long as you desire it to be. You can rock this outfit with white sneakers, low shoes, or heels.

19. Ball Gown

This outfit is great for a lady of any body type, including plus-sized ladies. You can rock this white ball gown for your traditional and even your white wedding. This outfit is best with high heels. Aside from your wedding, you can wear this outfit as a wedding guest, and to a worship service.

20. Two-Step Short Ball Gown

It may be the last on our list of stylish Bapedi Sepedi traditional attire for a makoti, but is not the least fashionable. The outfit is nice for any type of lady and is best with heels. However, for your traditional wedding, you can wear it with white sneakers. You can also rock this outfit for Sunday lunch, and even a day at work.

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