ANC-Governed Metro Buys Struggle Stalwart Chris Hani’s Home


The Ekurhuleni metropolitan authority has confirmed that the city has officially bought the house of South African slain struggle stalwart Chris Hani.

Speaking to reporters, the city’s spokesman Zweli Dlamini said the city intends to turn the building into a museum to depict the life of the anti-apartheid hero.

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The bid to convert the property to a museum is an additional feature to the monument and liberation trail already built in honour of the slain hero at the Thomas Nkobi Cemetery, the spokesperson added.

Throwing more light on the development, Dlamini added that the city will officially receive the keys to the property on Thursday, as it has been in the hands of private owners after Hani’s death.

“..Struggle Stalwart Chris Hani is a free person of the City and each year in April we commemorate his life and legacy. It has always been our wish to purchase the property so that we can ensure that people are afforded a greater opportunity of getting to know him better,” the metro asserted.

Ekurhuleni Mayor Masina says the house will undergo several changes to help it commemorate Hani’s life; adding that a narrative centre would also be built in the vicinity of the new heritage site.

The city also intends to erect a R20-million library and a statue of Hani almost the same size as the one of Nelson Mandela in Sandton.

Two decades ago, precisely on April 10, 1993, Chris Hani died in his driveway after Polish immigrant Januz Walus shot him once in the body and three times in the head, in a politically motivated assassination.

Walus has served 23 years of his sentence for murdering Hani while his co-conspirator, Clive Derby-Lewis, who brought out the gun used for the assassination died last week after a prolonged batter with cancer.

The duo’s death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment after the Constitutional Court banned the death penalty.

Shortly before his death, Derby-Lewis granted an interview to Forum Films, in which he opened up about his life, politics, assassination attempts in prison and Hani’s murder – whom he dubbed “number one enemy”.

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The assassination of struggle stalwart Chris Hani, one of South Africa’s best and sharpest minds nearly brought the country to a civil war on the eve of the dawn of democracy.

He was a senior member of the now-ruling African National Congress (ANC) and head of the South African Communist Party (SACP).