Strong Reasons To Hold ANC Responsible For The Gradual Death Of South Africa


Where do I start? Or maybe the question should rather be, “how do I even begin?” Okay, the headline may be an overblown absolute statement, but it is, nonetheless, a suitable title for the article as you will get to read. Feel free to disagree after reading let’s however agree on the obvious – South Africans have increasingly lost faith in the ANC and are clearly dissatisfied with the political party.

We can as well all agree profoundly that the ANC was once seen as the “best thing” happening in South Africa. The party’s promises for freedom and equity where honorable. Those ideals were to guarantee our dream South Africa in a nation immersed in racial segregation. What ever happened to the country of our dream have left most of us disappointed like Andries Scheepers who highlighted on a Facebook group “The Reality“, reasons to blame ANC for everything wrong with South Africa.

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According to Andries, instead of the much-anticipated positive changes since the shift from the White government to the ANC government, the reality of the case since 1994 has been a “steady and gradual decline from where the ANC took over.” South Africa is not better off, and the people are in hardship irrespective of;

  1. The implementation of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) policy,
  2. The implementation of Affirmative Action,
  3. And the implementation of land reform where viable farms were taken from commercial White farmers and given to new land owners.
  4. Things didn’t improve when Mandela’s 23 members cabinet grew to Zuma’s cabinet of 71 Ministers and Deputy Minister,
  5. Unemployment increased from 16.71% in 1995 to a staggering 25.1% in 2014 and is still increasing,
  6.  Violence increased surpassing previous levels,
  7. The South African Rand halved in value between 2006 to 2015
  8. South Africa’s maize exports has dropped to levels where the nation need to import maize,
  9. Electrical supply doesn’t meet current demand thus forcing “load shedding” due to the fact that facilities hadn’t been maintained properly or new power stations hadn’t been built in 21 years
  10. Water crisis is looming and there are shortages of medical services and essential medicines.

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To Andries, “the list goes on and on…so where exactly has the current government fulfilled its mandate and promise made back then by them and Nelson Mandela?” Andries lamented that the “New South Africa 21 years old has come a long, long way since Nelson Mandela left Robin Island.” Thus, the few questions he would like to ask Madiba today are as under-listed.

  1. “After all those struggle years to get a say, to get an opportunity, to have an influence in our country’s ruling, do you think that the ideals you had then are where and what South Africa is today…?
  2. Have we created a free and fair society where people with the drive to improve themselves have the opportunity to do so?
  3. Do we really have a proper functional health service you promised back then?
  4. Are we really free and safe?
  5. Why have South African farmers left our country to live in other African countries, the same countries from where we now import corn and wheat, from those same farmers whose farms you took away?
  6. Why after 21 years do we have an electricity and water crises, because your party removed engineers who planned and provided growth for future generations?
  7. Why is it that you had to first break things down with the hope of rebuilding it at great expense and loss of skills?
  8. Why could a young democracy such as Namibia continue to grow from the base they where on and not break everything first?”

Andries concludes that “greed, corruption, lawlessness, and a severe lack of Moral Fibre have decayed the core of the party and values once established by Nelson Mandela…the ANC has never evolved from a Revolutionary Movement to a fully fledged Political party concerned with the well-being of its members and the country they rule.” A sentiment he supported with a claim as the reason Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela’s fast friend no longer supports the current ANC.

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