How To Fight And Defend Yourself In A Street Fight

Street fights, brawls and attacks are dangerous, They oftentimes occur where nobody is available to offer support and may lead to injuries, some get serious enough to cause death. Everyone who walks through the streets, especially during odd hours is a potential victim. This means you must be able to defend yourself not only to avoid getting badly hurt but also to win the fight or brawl.

Nevertheless, the main aim of self-defense should be safety. There are many ways to do this but one fact is that you must be ready to workout and learn. If you live in dangerous neighborhoods or work at night and in need of self-defense techniques, then, here is a detailed discussion on how to fight and defend yourself in street fights.

Here’s How to Fight and Defend Yourself in Street Fights

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Prepare Yourself

Street fights are unpredictable in terms of when they come as well as their intensity. This means that you have to be prepared at all times for any eventuality. Human instinct when faced with danger is fight and flight. This is in response to the stress hormone or adrenaline. The universal best defense is to flee, only resort to combat if there is absolutely no chance of escape.

Not only do you need to prepare physically but also mentally. Chances that you will lose the fight are higher if you exhibit any signs of fear and distress in front of your attackers. Being physically prepared means you will have the confidence and esteem to stand against your adversaries and defend yourself. Remember that you must stay alert at all times and never provoke any fights.

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Learn more about Self-Defense Techniques

The internet is abuzz with information on self-defense techniques, there are also books of these. Better still, you can find a local martial arts school to get some training on self-defense. At the basic level, you have to keep yourself as fit as possible by enrolling with a gym or adopting a suitable workout regimen. These will give you strength and the confidence to defend yourself in street fights.

Know the kind of Attacker(s) you are Facing

The manner in which you will fight and defend yourself depends on the kind of attacker or attackers you are likely to face. The methods or techniques of self-defense for a single attacker are very different from those needed for multiple attackers.

Techniques for Single Attacker

Defending yourself from one attacker is perhaps easier than would be for multiple attackers. Here is how to fight and defend yourself in street fights where you have only one attacker to cope with.

  • Walk or run away, if possible. The best line of defense is to avoid as much as possible and not to engage your adversary unless it is impossible to do so.
  • If you cannot walk away, then before resorting to fight, try to talk him or her out of fighting. Do not fuel the situation by having a hard stance. If he or she wants something that you can part with, then give it and save your life.
  • Remain calm while arguing as this may allow you to see some loopholes or gaps that can allow you to escape. On the other hand if you intend to fight, remaining calm, this will give you the chance to attack him or her at the most vulnerable place and subdue it.
  • Assess your assailant in terms of size, temperament, gait and his or her level of fighting skills. You can easily know this if you are a skilled martial artist. Do not disregard your attacker’s size.
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Techniques for Multiple Attackers

When you are faced with many attackers, the story is very different, though techniques like fleeing are universal. As with a single assailant, try to flee or talk your way out and remain calm. Do not start an argument with them or yell at them as that will anger them even more and seek restitution. If you are not a good fighter, here is what to do if you are forced to respond:

 a) Basic Techniques

Basic techniques are appropriate and can give you some protection and even a way to escape. Anybody can perform them with the most basic training.

  • Hit your opponent with your palm and not fists, as this will save your knuckles.
  •  The best places to hit that will quickly subdue your attacker are the ribs, solar plexus
  • The first thing attacker do is to push you away from them. Should this happen, turn to your side and dodge. Grab their dominant arm and strike their elbow joint. 

b) Advanced Techniques

The advanced fighting and self-defense techniques are quite complex and needs training to undertake. They are meant to choke, maim or disable the assailant. If incorrectly done, they may not work appropriately or worse still, kill the opponent. The advanced techniques you need to learn to fight and defend yourself in street fights include headlocks, arm-locks, defense strategies and how to breakout of a headlock or an arm-lock. You should also learn how to block punches and grab kicks.

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