Tragedy Befalls Stranded Malawian Nationals


A sad revelation by the Gauteng Health Department has confirmed that one of the twins delivered on the side of Tom Jones Road in Benoni this week by stranded Malawian nationals has died.

The mother of the dead infant was part of a group of 38 stranded Malawian nationals who out of frustration, made a broken bus in Gauteng their home for a month.

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Sadly, the babies were born preterm as health officials say the infant died as a result of complications caused by the premature birth.

A rather disappointed woman who assisted during the delivery of the twins on the side of the road was devastated upon hearing that one of the infants had passed away.

“As I’m talking, there are tears in my eyes. I can’t even explain the sadness I feel. I’m very disappointed.”

According to the agitated woman, the twins who were named Tom and Jones after the name of the road where they were came too early (7 months and 1 week) which led to complications at birth.

The Gauteng health department has offered its condolences to the mother of the baby, volunteering to ensure the surviving child survives.

What was meant to be a two day trip back to Malawi turned into a nightmare that lasted for a month and three days of living in a bus.

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The driver of the bus said the owner knew that the bus was in no condition to make the trip, yet he gave it to them and made away with their R52, 000. The alleged owner of the bus who is from Durban is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, the stranded Malawian nationals are not so stranded again as transport company Intercape volunteered a free bus to take them home.