“Stop Stirring The Nation Into Chaos” – Cope Tells ANCYL


The Congress of the People (Cope)  had on Thursday confirmed that it had charged the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) president Collen Maine‚ “for unlawfully inciting violence in breach of the Constitution”.

Opening the case at the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria on Wednesday, Cope’s leader Dennis Bloem said the ANCYL leader’s violent words had contravened Section (16)(2)(b) and Section 12 of the Bill of Rights (Freedom and security of a person) of the Constitution. Bloem referred to their statement as “incitement of imminent violence”

The ANCYL had days back in a public address, referred to the members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as “Monkeys” in his following statement:

“Those who seek to disrupt the State of the Nation must prepare themselves for a civil war… The youth league will physically remove woodworkers from parliament. We cannot allow Julius Malema and his monkeys to run our country amok and turn this country into a banana republic.”

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Bloem further said that Maine’s reference of the ANCYL as the largest political formation in South Africa should also be taken very seriously because such statement aids the increasing violence in the country and should not be condoned.

“There is increasing volatility in South Africa and the role of political leaders is to act constructively and to lead the nation forward. War talk will plunge the country into utter chaos.

“South Africa has had enough of people wanting to kill for Zuma to feed at the trough but no intense desire from the same people to rescue the economy so as to ameliorate the economic plight of the people.

“Opportunistic leaders such as Maine care only about their own progress on the political ladder and nothing else.”

Maine’s words that the ANCYL was ready to support Zuma even if it will involve literal fights in the process, has been generally described as a public call for incitement, provocation, stimulation, agitation, and stimulus against others which will however disrupt the peaceful democracy and environment of South Africa.

Meanwhile, the ANCYL has come in defence of its president, Collen Maine, after the Congress of the People (Cope) opened a case of inciting violence against him.

Speaking un behalf of the party,  Mondle Mkhize said the party is ready and willing to meet Cope in court: “we will find out who has laid the charge. We will meet them in court when they have done so because these are desperate people in search of popularity as we are moving towards local government elections.” he said.

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