Stop ‘Serving Yourself And Your Family’, Cyril Ramaphosa Warns Political leaders


South Africa’s Deputy President has had enough of the extensive corruption, looting and swindling by the nation’s ruling elite.

Cyril Ramaphosa issued a hard warning to South Africa’s political leaders regarding their lack of integrity demanding they stop the apocalypse of corruption in the country.

Ramaphosa narrowed his warning to his ANC comrades when he made remarks about the party’s decreasing popularity.

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According to the Deputy President, the culture of greed and lack of accountability amongst the ruling elite must be completely eridicated for the country to attain sustainable development.

Also, he condenmed the deployment of unqualified officials to manage public services. That, he said, is a major contributor to the colapse of public services experienced in many municipalities, and the cause of epileptic corporate governance at certain state-owned enterprises.

He argued that the need to employ competent people in critical positions cannot be overemphasized. “We must get the best people to manage affairs of our country. We must not put Mickey Mouse people into managing our affairs. We must put the right people in the right place.

“We must not be afraid to be accountable. We must not run around and hide when accountability beckons. You are not serving yourself and your family; you are serving the people of South Africa,” charged Mr. Ramaphosa.

Meanwhile, ANC has called for greater consequence management for those organs of state which continue to post qualified and adverse audit findings.

The ruling party asserted that it’s uncool to demonstrate apathy to the required standards of financial and performance management.

ANC’s call follows the audit outcomes of public entities, provincial and national government departments reported by the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA) yesterday.

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The party however, welcomed the marginal improvement in the audit saying it is “particularly pleased by the improvement in the number of clean audits from 122 to 152 during the period under review.”

To ANC, the marginal improvement shows commitment by government to sound financial management, clean and accountable governance and the prudent management of the public purse.