Stop Everything! We’ve Found The Most Lavish Mansion In SA Valued At $35 Million And It’s Awesome!


As Found, the home is with no doubt, the most expensive in the whole of South Africa. With a price value of $35,000,000 which is about R440 Million, you just have to check out the interiors of this building. Trust me, it’s everything you like.

You can find the lavished mega mansion on Geneva Drive In Camp Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Reportedly listed currently, the building occupies about 33,723 square feet living space featuring 8 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, two-story foyer with grand double staircase, an elevator, formal living and dining rooms, two-story great room, gourmet kitchen, a library, billiard room, 18-seat home theater, wine cellar, a gym with steam room, an indoor racquetball court, 14-car garage and other pleasing stuff like outdoor egregious balconies, patio and a lap pool. Just check out the pictures underneath.

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2-story foyer-Double staircase

That’s the two-story foyer with grand double staircase, perfect for any occasion that has red carpet details or where the celebrants would want to make a grand entrance. The chandelier in the middle of the foyer was hung in the perfect position so that it lends a feeling of majestic grandeur to the atmosphere. Amazing huh? I know.

2-story great room

Here’s the great room but the setting alone should tell you that this is no ordinary great room. It is well-arranged to serve as a reading room, an entertainment room, a family room as well as the living room. Apart from the pretty arrangement you can tell just by looking that the cushions are of the highest and most soft quality. Was that you? Did you just moan “shame”? I did as well.

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Gourmet Kitchen

Whats a mansion without a kitchen. You can bet that any food prepared in this kitchen is bound to change your life forever. Even the worst cook will turn gourmet chef in this kitchen.

billiard room

That’s the billiard room. You can forget time here and play your heart out.

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18-seat home theater

A mansion cannot be complete without the theater. And according to the most recent trend, you can go on and decorate as lavish as you want. This mega mansion in SA has an 18-seat home theater with lean back cushions so you can watch your plays in the most comfortable reclining position. Can’t stop staring at it right, feel free to look forever.


Damn! that’s what am talking about. An extremely cool closeup exterior view with an amazing and cool pool to match. Meanwhile, the next picture offers a better and full exterior view.

Full Exterior view

I told you it’s awesome didn’t I? Now you’ve seen for yourself, what’s up? Will you creep back deep into your shell and suffer depression because you know you might never ever afford such a lavish home or are you motivated to work hard, save up and afford at least a decent home?

Well, that’s up to you I’m still trying to make a full list of other things I’ll do with R440 million after I must have bought a home in the same street as this mega mansion which are generally valued at an average price of R10.5-million. That way, I’ll get to live near this awesome home worth many more million rands. Oops! I’m day-dreaming again, I don’t have R440 million. Somebody wake me up please, am completely mesmerized.

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