Stone Sizani Resigns From Parliament Doris Dlakude Is The New ANC Chief Whip


Emerging reports have it that the African National Congress (ANC) Chief Whip in the National Assembly has resigned. And according to the said reports, the ANC has confirmed Stone Sizani’s resignation from parliament.

Although BuzzSouthAfrica is yet to contact the ANC strongman to comment on the reasons for his sudden resignation, we can hint that the resignation is not because of some misunderstanding as it might soon be speculated.

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Sizani’s body-language during the no confidence motion debate yesterday didn’t suggest in any way that he’s having issues, or second thought about being a member of the ANC.

In fact, he rescued the president when he was accused of planting race divisions by Freedom Front Plus MP Pieter Groenewald.

Groenewald was arguing that Zuma is contravening the Constitution, and that nobody can have confidence in a president regularly contravening the constitutional obligations by publicly accusing whites of stealing lands when he was interrupted by Sizani.

Sizani was swift to defend the president, interjecting thus; “the land of South Africa was taken through the barrel of a gun. That is stealing by force.”

Reporting this, EWN related that ANC confirmed  Sizani’s resignation moments after they ended a special caucus meeting of its Members of Parliament this afternoon.

Sizani who has been the ruling party’s chief whip since 2013, is replaced by Doris Dlakude.

Stating that Sizani was among the first MPs to leave the ANC meeting where the resignation was disclosed, City Press reported that a source commented that “the issue of the new chief whip could not be finalized and Doris Dlakude, (the deputy chief whip] will act until a decision has been made.”

They as well disclosed that their source talked about Sizani being appointed as South Africa’s next ambassador to Germany.

The DA has reacted to Sizani’s resignation stating that it’s a “clear indication of schisms within the ANC Caucus and a man finally crushed by his own conscience.

Sizani has been forced to make a career of defending the indefensible in Parliament at President Zuma’s behest, and has sustained numerous embarrassments in the National Assembly (NA) in the process.

Regardless we wish the now former Chief Whip all the best abroad in his new ambassadorial role and hope that his successor, Doris Tlakude, will work hard to put Parliament and South Africa first,” DA added.

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