US Pastor Anderson Labels Home Affairs Minister Gigaba A Wicked Vile Soul


Founder of Faithful Word Baptist church, Arizona, United States; Steven Anderson has criticized Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba for frustrating his plans to come to the country in mid-September on a ‘soul-winning’ mission.

Anderson launched the scathing attack on Gigaba on Tuesday in a nine-minute YouTube video – where he slammed the minister, describing him as “a joke” for insinuating that his views; his Christian views, his biblical views, are backward views.

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“…You’re the one that’s backward; Gigaba. You’re the one who thinks that a dude should be intimate with another dude. That’s ass-backwards, okay. It’s this sodomite agenda that’s completely backward,” he thundered.

The controversial pastor also denied that his soul-winning mission in South Africa is targeted at homosexuals; as speculated by South African LGBTI (lesbian, gay; bisexual; transgender; and intersex) groups.

The groups garnered 60 000 signature petitions against the visit and had earnestly asked the Department of Home Affairs to deny the US pastor entry into the country in mid-September.

An online gay radio station, Gay SA radio; alleged that the US pastor is a notorious hate speech preacher; especially against the LGBTI community.

Meanwhile, Gigaba, who is being accused of using political rhetoric and false promises to calm down “the sodomites” in the country is yet to respond.

Steven Anderson Caught In Hate Speech Row

Anderson’s church – Faithful Word Baptist church, Arizona, United States was founded in 2005 and uses only the King James Bible. The pastor received national attention in the United States in August 2009, when he reportedly gave a sermon—entitled “Why I Hate Barack Obama”—in which he said that he prayed for the death of President Obama.

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Anderson came under fire after he praised the Orlando shooting. The shooting saw 49 people die at a gay club in Orlando in June.

“The good news is that there are 50 lesser pedophiles in this world; because‚ you know‚ these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles‚” Anderson said in a video.

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