State of The SABC: Self Proclaimed SA Hero Hlaudi Says Only Him Can Change SA For Good


Amid troubles within the state-owned broadcasting firm (SABC) and the growing political crisis in the country, the self claimed SA messiah said during a briefing on State of  the SABC, that only him cam turn things around for good in the country.

Speaking at a media briefing on the state of  the SABC,  Hlaudi Motsoeneng  who is the former Chief Operations Officer  touched on a range of issues affecting the firm and the country as well.

It’s no news that the South African Broadcasting corporation (SABC) has since late last year been battling with its financial crisis following a recently released memo whic revealed that the broadcaster is unable to pay all of its bills, as it only had R104 million to pay creditors and requests for payment were more than what was available.

The financial crisis was sparked by Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s 90% local content rule which reportedly impacted advertisement income, with advertisers demanding refunds due to the incorrect scheduling of their content.

Report says the 90% local content devastated the SABC’s radio stations with productivity at SABC radio advertising going 40% behind on sales targets, and major stations like 5FM, Metro FM, and Ukhozi experiencing a massive decrease in revenue.

Reacting to this, embattled Motsoeneng rubished the claims saying his local content introduction did more good to the firm and not harm hence he wont apologize for that.

He said he did nothing wrong and all those making noises about the broadcaster’s 90% local content policy are racists who would not want to see black South Africans being empowered.

Defending his actions further, the SABC former boss said since his departure from the broadcaster, other broadcasters have appealed to him to join them using his local content policy.

“We all need to be African  so when the world comes down here, they would feel it” he said at the state of the SABC briefing, adding that he gave many black South Africans job in the SABC during his time .

“DC is the beginning of Hlaudi, not the end” he said

Prior to this time, some local artists who spoke with the media described Motsoeneng as a “cool cat”, “a rose that grew from the concrete” and “a man of action”, who is loved by the ordinary masses.

The artists at the local music industry applauded the Hlaudi saying his 90% local content rule has benefited them over the past year.

Motsoeneng says he can’t understand why there are reports of a decline in audience figures.

“There’s a decline in SABC audiences; I want to know by how much and who did the research. I’ve checked the reports that say because of local content the public broadcaster did not do well… and those reports indicate a 1 or 2% decline, how can you cry about 2%?”


However, the suspended SABC COO Hlaudi said he’s looking forward to his disciplinary hearing but that he would not back down his fight for African content to be highly recognized in the country as a journalist.

Speaking about the current political crisis revolving around President Jacob Zuma and the ruling ANC, the self claimed SA hero said he is prepared to change things for the better as he has been empowered to do so.

He said again at the briefing no the state of the SABC that he has contributed more than R1 billion to the SABC and he is ready to do more for the country.

The former boss said he welcomes a female president, indirectly referring to Zuma’s support for his ex-wife Dlamini Zuma who has also gained wide support from SA citizens to become the next president.

“I am the only one who knows  the very corner of the SABC. I have been out for two years and now that am not there, there if no money” Hlaudi brags.

“I have all it takes to turn things around for this country” he added. 

Hlaudi said during a briefing on the state of the SABC that his aim is to fight for black empowerment and the 90% local content was a part of his plans.

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