Analysts On State Capture: ‘Don’t Be Deceived, We’ve All Been Captured’


Witnessing corruption both at the state and local level and not reporting or fighting it is a proof that you have been captured as well.

When we talk about state capture, it cuts across every moral dirt in our country including, especially, the issue of corruption bringing down all our state own enterprises.

Analysts believe like Deputy Cyril ramaphosa believe that South Africa isn’t just becoming a “mafia state”, but a state where its people’s imaginations have also been captured.

State capture is corruption on a huge scale. Corruption is when companies, White, Black, international or local buy influence with politicians or public servants to gain small or big government tenders. Instead of getting a few tenders, corrupt individuals, companies or rich families buy politicians and public servants directly to control the policies and budgets of whole government departments or the entire government budget.

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Deputy President Ramaphosa had last week said that all the state-own enterprises have already been captured by the same people and yet the country is yet to do the needful- referring to the delayed state judicial enquiry which President Jacob Zuma has refused to establish.

He also took aim — without naming them – at the wealthy Gupta family, friends of President Jacob Zuma who have been accused of using undue influence to win lucrative state contracts. Zuma and the Guptas have denied any wrongdoing.

“Many of these state-owned enterprises have been captured by certain people, by a certain family,” Ramaphosa said.

“All of our state-owned enterprises have been captured and we are saying we want to see an end to state capture and the money that has been stolen, we want it back,” he said, to roars of approval from the audience.

Institutions also allegedly captured include:

South Africa’s top prosecutor said on Wednesday police were examining a trove of leaked documents detailing relations between the Guptas and Zuma, but it was too early to say if a prosecution should be launched.

However, a group of analysts have warned that while the country struggles to put an end to capture issue, the country may not be able to end it all until the people turns their back on the ruling African National Congress (ANC)

The group further believe that South Africa needs a reset and that the country needs to move from a nationalist agenda to promoting the rights of individuals.

“We must move from a captured state to a capable state in which staff are appointed on merit to serve the public, rather than on political allegiance to serve a party. We must move from a stagnant, elitist economy to a growing, inclusive economy. Redistribution without growth is not even a zero sum game; it’s a recipe for recession, which is where we find ourselves today. That’s why the ANC has failed to give our children a brighter future”

It is therefore important to recall the warnings from the Social Justice Coalition and Ndifuna Ukwazi that if we allow state capture, the fight against inequality will be lost.

“If Zuma, the Guptas and their cronies, are successful in capturing Treasury then every government budget and policy decision will be determined by the President and one corrupt family.

“It will allow historically white-owned businesses and global corporations to escape accountability. Institutions meant to deal with the most urgent tasks of wealth redistribution, which are meant to protect our freedom and uphold the Constitution, will be ruined and incapacitated, ” the coalition stated.

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It further warned that Basic sanitation, grants, education, health care, policing, and basic services will be cut and the daily struggle of working-class people for survival will be made worse.

Inequality will deepen, and hope for redistributing our country’s wealth will be lost for many, many generations and the value of pensions and savings will be wiped out increasing household debt.

“Economic exclusion of the Black African and Coloured working-class may become a permanent feature of our society if state capture succeeds and markets are not controlled in the interest of all people. Free, decolonised, equal and quality education from early childhood through school, post-school and university for poor working-class and middle-class families who cannot afford it will be impossible” it ended saying.

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