Zuma Blocks the Release of State Capture Report


While South Africans are waiting for the outgoing Public Protector to release the findings of her investigation into the state capture allegation as she promised, President Zuma pulled strings that will possibly, ensure that Madonsela fail to release the report before she vacates the office.

Mandonsela have just a day to her final hours as South Africa’s Public Protector. And, President Zuma who have been delaying the state capture probe, have now, stopped Madonsela from releasing the state capture report.

Mr President today, served the Public Protector an urgent court interdict application over her draft report on the state capture investigation which she intended to release tomorrow.

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Few days ago, President Zuma formally asked the outgoing Public Protector not to complete her investigation into the state capture allegations until he has been allowed to question other witnesses in the probe.

Responding, Madonsela informed the public that President Zuma is asking for a deferment of the investigation to the next public protector.

In her statement, she inferred that it’s worrisome how President Zuma is delaying the state capture probe.

“The Public Protector would like to report that President Jacob Zuma was afforded a proper opportunity to tender his evidence since 22 March 2016…

President Zuma was on Saturday, October 01, 2016, given all copies of evidence implicating him.

His lawyer raised a request to question witnesses for the first time on Thursday, October 06, 2016 when he was asking for a deferment of the investigation to the next Public Protector.”

He has on two occasions, undertaken to answer questions only to change his mind when the time arose, Mandonsela disclosed.

The interdict application as learnt, will be heard in court on Tuesday. And, the Public Protector cannot release the state capture draft report until the court decide on the issue.

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Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance party condemned President Zuma’s attitude as a ploy to add unnecessary delays to the Public Protector’s probe into State Capture.

“It is clear that President Zuma has a lot to hide and is fast running out of option. This last-ditch attempt to stall the State Capture probe points to a panicked man whose chickens have finally come home to roost,” remarked the party.