State Capture Interdict: Desperate Zuma Has Something Very Serious To Hide


Opposition party, the DA claims Jacob Zuma’s state capture interdict is a clear indication that he has hidden secrets he is afraid would be leaked if the investigation report is released.

The party said President Jacob Zuma must be really worried about what is contained in this report and how it will affect his political career if exposed, hence his desperation to stop it from being made public.

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“This is plainly the abuse of state resources in order to evade accountability,”  Da said, pointing out that Zuma was a man who learnt nothing from the Constitutional Court’s ruling against him on his handling of the Public Protector’s Nkandla investigation.

BuzzSouthAfrica reported the Presidency’s confirmation that it has applied for an urgent court interdict over Public Protector Thuli’s  draft report on the state capture investigation.

This state capture interdict will in all likelihood delay the release of Madonsela’s long-awaited state capture investigation report, most likely until she leaves office.

Speaking further on Zuma’s state capture interdict, the DA said it is looking forward to the ANC’s parliamentary caucus taking swift action against Jacob Zuma, given their recent apology for the handling of the Nkandla matter, and their new-found and belated respect for the institution of the Public Protector.

“The reality is that, like with his corruption charges, Jacob Zuma can do his best to delay accountability, but it will eventually catch up with him.

“The DA stands by the Public Protector in ensuring that full effect is given to the complaint of State Capture I laid,” the party leader, Mmusi Maimane said, promising that he would not let Zuma wriggle out of respecting the Constitution, his Oath of Office, and the Law.

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) indicated that they’ll drag Zuma and Minister Van Rooyen to court over their application for interdict and make an application for the Public Protector’s release of the State Capture report.

The party said it will oppose the state capture interdict application because it is important South Africans know the extent of the Gupta control of South African government through their capture of Mr. Zuma.

“The EFF is of the view that none of the applications for a Court interdict holds water because the applicant will not suffer irreparable damage as there still exists an option for a judicial review of the findings and remedial actions of the Public Protector.

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“South Africa cannot wait for another day to know what are the corrective measures on the phenomenon of State capture, which has been manifested in the recent past through the senseless criminal charges against the Minister of Finance and the Commander in Chief of the EFF Julius Malema,” stated the EFF.