Star Actress Manaka Ranaka Kills Schoolgirl In Car Crash


The tragedy happened on Friday near the N3 highway to Durban when star actress Manaka Ranaka knocked down a school girl who died instantly at the scene of the accident. Ranka is the beautiful and curvy star who plays ex-convict and thug Lucy on ‘Generations The Legacy’

The star actress may not have intentionally knocked down the pupil but, the incident made a front page story on the Sowetan on Tuesday. The victim, 18-year-old Millicent Mbonanis’ life was abruptly cut short when she was crossing a road near N3 and was knocked down by Star Actress Manaka Ranaka who was driving a BMW. When asked how it happened, the star claimed she did not see the girl, a claim which the girl’s family are not buying into. They believe she only made that claim because there were no police and traffic officers present at the scene.

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The family of Millicent is still deeply grieved about the death of their daughter who they said has not even begun to live. The family still have not responded to any questions or granted any interview seeing as they are yet to recover from the shock of the tragic incidence.

Millicent was a grade 12 pupil of Leondale High School and had been on her way to visit a friend in Roodekop. In an act of condolence, a group of teachers from Millicent’s school was said to have visited the bereaved family and grieved with them on their loss. Also, people who knew the deceased have rallied around the family in support, saying the most amazing things about Millicent. Leondale High school’s engineering and graphic design HOD Vusumuzi Mahlangu described Mbonani as an intelligent student. He went on to say

 “She was a good student who worked hard, and we knew that she was going to pass because of her hard work.”

The spokesperson for Ekurhuleni Emergency services William Mohale-Ntladi said the case has been referred to the ASAPS for further investigations as to how the incident actually happened. This he said, is the standard procedure for cases where there is a fatality.