Is It Possible For A Government To Waste R5m Every Day?


I’d bet my life it’s impossible, I mean, no government should be that reckless. But the DA said it actually happened. According to the party, Sputla’s ANC government in Tshwane lost R5 million everyday throughout the last financial year.

The revelation was made by the opposition party’s Mayoral candidate for Tshwane at a public meeting in Pienaarspoort, Mamelodi.

Solly Msimanga wailed that corruption in South Africa has become so widespread that many have grown to accept it.

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He said Pienaarspoort residents have been forgotten by a government drowning in corruption while the people struggle daily without jobs and basic services.

According to Msimanga, the ANC government lost R645 for every person in the city during the last financial year.

“In the last financial year” he said, “Sputla’s ANC in Tshwane lost R1.88 billion to unauthorized, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

That means that everyday that passed in the last financial year, R5,167,671 was lost by the ANC government in Tshwane.

For every month… the people of Pienaarspoort were deprived of R157,188,333 that could have been used to develop their community and move it forward,” Msimanga stated.

The lost amount he said, could’ve been used to build 75 clinics, 130 schools or 15,000 RDP houses. And, could’ve employed 9,500 nurses or 13,000 police officers.

“Every cent that is lost or wasted by the ANC government is a cent that is stolen from the people of Pienaarspoort. The ANC in this City governs like the poorest in our community do not matter.

We cannot accept this. We cannot accept that they work to enrich themselves while those they are meant to serve have nothing,” added the Mayoral candidate.

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He thereafter, boasted that where the DA governs is unlike Sputla’s ANC government.

To him, DA believes in honest and responsive government. And, champions a hard-working government dedicated to bringing the much-needed change for a fair and prosperous South Africa for all.