ANCYL Will Disrupt Rugby Games Until Springbok Cease Being A ‘Holy Cow For White Supremacy’


African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) infers that the Springbok rugby team is a ‘holy cow for white supremacy’ and vows to disrupt rugby games until the sport attains its transformation targets.

Reports have it that the Youth League held a peaceful protest outside the SA Rugby Union office in Plattekloof, Cape Town.

They reportedly tried to approach the office to hand over a memorandum when the police fired stun grenades to prevent them from reaching the office.

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Among other things, ANCYL said they will henceforth, stop rugby teams from travelling at airports until the transformation target is attained.

Speaking for ANCYL, the Youth League secretary-general Njabulo Nzuza stated that the Springbok rugby team “must meet transformation quotas within the space of a year.”

Nzuza disclosed that the league will be buying tickets to games just to disrupt them.

“This is just a warning shot” he said, “we are going to continue until they have transformed. If it means we must go to rugby fields and disturb games, we will do that, to make sure they transform. If it means we must stop the team playing, we will go to the airport.

We are saying the Springbok rugby team is not a holy cow for white supremacy. And, we know that talent is out there…young talent that is in the townships playing in the Springbok team.

The problem is they don’t have an appetite to go and search for that talent, and when that talent is recruited, it is sabotaged within the sporting codes,” Nzuza stated.

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Former Saru rugby player Aslam Toefy, according to IOL report, commented that “there must be new policies for sports. The old policies don’t work. They must look at sport in townships. Our youth is not coming through. We want new policies, it’s a new nation. We want a South African rugby team. As far as I am concerned, the Springboks must go.

It is never going to be that a white Springbok team represents us or a few people who are picked just to window-dress. We will be picked on merit and be represented in the national team. We have the talent, we have the players,” Toefy added.

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