Bullfighter Undergoes Anal Reconstruction After A Bull Gored His Bum 


For some reasons, certain humans find it fascinating to engage a bull in a physical contest.  It’s called bullfighting and a Spaniard bullfighter has found himself in need of anal reconstruction after a bull he engaged gored his bum with its 11-inch horn.

Bullfighting as a physical contest which requires humans to conquer a bull based on stipulated rules isn’t an uncommon tournament. Across the world, bullfighting is thriving and is being practised in various style and cultural orientation.

History has recorded many agitations against bullfighting. Aside the sentiment that the practice is a barbaric glorification of animal abuse, it has been severely expressed in such instance where the bull harms the human that bullfighting is uncool.

For instance, it was reported earlier this year that a bull mounted a female bullfighting dwarf and started thrusting after he knocked her down.

As it happened, the female fighter was goading the bull with her cape when he suddenly charged at her. She fell to the ground and he immediately climbed on top of her and started thrusting. See the video footage below:

Now, it has emerged that a Spaniard bullfighter Antonio Romero got his bum damaged while he was bullfighting a bull called Caporal.

A pissed Caporal gored the 38-year-old Spaniard with its 11-inch horn leaving him in a need for urgent surgery that would attempt restoring his anus to its previous state.

Caporal could have done more damages if another bullfighter didn’t distract him; Good news! bullfighter Antonio Romero escaped with his life.

It was revealed that the injury Romero sustained was horrific, a paramedic was quoted to have said: “it is a serious and deep goring approximately 30 centimetres.”

Confirming this, Dr Rafael Vázquez related that Caporal the bull left a “very, very serious damage to” Romero’s “anorectal region.” The horn, Vázquez said, “completely destroyed the anal sphincter and…seriously damaged the rectum.”

Meanwhile, Romero wouldn’t be backing away from bullfighting. From his hospital bed, he shared that he’ll be returning to bullfighting to show that he can be someone important.