Soweto Taxi Gang Rape Crisis: How ANC Normalised Sexual Violence Against Women – EFF 


The Economic Freedom Fighters reacted to the Soweto taxi gang rape crisis upholding that the ruling party – ANC – has normalised sexual violence against women in South Africa.

EFF expressed “grave concern” over the safety of SA women, especially black women in taxi ranks.

Recently, it was reported that a mother was gang raped in the presence of her 10-year-old son. Referring to the incident, the Fighters condemned the Soweto taxi gang rape crisis where a group of men pretend to be offerers of taxi services only to pick up unsuspecting women for their gang raping agenda.

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With that, EFF crowned South Africa the world’s international capital of rape and urged that the societal ailment must be addressed. The Fighters said:

“It must be put on the record that Taxi ranks remain unsafe spaces, where toxic, violent, predatory black masculinities are often allowed and given the platform to express themselves with impunity.

Not long ago, a black woman was subjected to an orgy of violence in Noord Taxi Rank for wearing a short skirt.

It is a fact that many young black women endure massive abuse and sexual harassment that they have grown too tired of reporting in our taxi ranks and industry spaces.

Black women endure torture and humiliation in the very spaces that are meant to protect them because police do nothing with reported crimes.

With South Africa being the international capital of rape incidences in the world, extraordinary measures should be taken to address the societal ailment with urgency and determination. “

Also, EFF blamed ANC for the Soweto taxi gang rape crisis saying the ruling party normalised the violence against women by not treating treacherous acts and reports of sexual violence with urgency and precision.

That, EFF contended, “enforces normalised sexual violence against women and in particular, Black women.

“The extent of insecurity even extends to police stations themselves where black women face the same harassment from police officers,” EFF asserted.

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Above all, EFF charged SANTACO (South African National Taxi Council) to initiate an “aggressive vetting of the backgrounds of its drivers to ensure that they do not put their customers in the hands of repeated offenders.”

Again, the Fighters called on Dipuo Peters, the Transport Minister to ensure “that all taxi ranks are under heavy woman-centered security.”

“It must be the number one priority of the government to address violence in all forms against women who to this day together with children, remain the playground of toxic masculine tendencies,” added the Fighters.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) party said it will write to the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Women, Ms Thandi Mamela, to request an urgent joint meeting of the Portfolio Committees of Women, Police and Transport and accordingly summon the Acting National Police Commissioner, Khomotso Phahlane, to address the ongoing problem of violence against women on public transport.

“…the Departments of Women, Police and Transport must come together to address the lack of security measures in the public transport sector to keep women safe.

“South African women live in constant fear whenever they get on a bus, train or taxi, as the threat of violent acts directed at them is constant. Measures be must put in place to protect our women against such vicious crimes,” DA stated.