South Africa’s Most Wanted Criminals Are Escaping – See If You Can Help Bust These Ones


According to a Timelive report, South Africa’s most wanted criminals are on the run and some have slipped through the borders and are being sought internationally. The criminals as revealed, are exploiting the incompetency in the police detective unit which have enabled them to use airports and cross borders. Escaping without custom officials and border guards knowing that they are wanted fugitives.

While incompetent, overworked and unskilled detectives are said to be allowing South African criminals to flee without trace, the international policing platform is considered effective as it has rounded-up, arrested about 900 and located 260 international fugitives since 2012 in its International Fugitive Round-Up and Arrest operation.

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One Robbertse, 53 was arrested last week Tuesday when it was discovered that he was on the run after his conviction in a Rustenberg court for rape. As related, “the rape and indecent assault suspect, was arrested in Belgium – 10 years after he fled South Africa.”

Speaking on the issue, Jacque Meyer a criminologist and former South African Interpol officer stated that the detective services in the country is in a dire situation as many South African detectives, especially those at police-station level, are unaware of Interpol’s existence. “I discovered Interpol’s existence by accident years ago. We were flabbergasted to discover last year that such lack of knowledge of Interpol continues to exist in the police today,” he added.

“The officers in this country’s Interpol office are well equipped. They are not, like other detectives, overburdened by having to handle hundreds of dockets,” Meyer stated. And lamented that regardless of the fact that the South African police’s Interpol office has one of the world’s highest rates of arrest of foreign criminals hiding in this country (95%), many South African criminals skip the country with relative ease.

Similarly, the report quoted a South African Interpol detective who commented that it is easy for South African suspects and criminals to flee from the country. As quoted, the detective said; “They don’t need new identities to flee…A number of my colleagues don’t know about Interpol so they don’t bother to flag them. Once the suspects are gone, it’s nearly impossible to catch them unless you have a lucky break, like in Belgium.”

Also, Johan Burger who was described as a “policing researcher at the Institute for Security Studies” highlighted the problem as a consequence of the police losing “huge amounts of expertise, with those left being swamped by case loads.”

“Compounding the situation are questionable appointments of some detectives, who are completely unsuitable for their job,” he added and stressed the need to implement the “recommendations by a parliamentary [committee] in 2012 on turning the detective services around…The only ones benefiting from the present situation are the criminals,” he wailed.

Meanwhile Police spokesman, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi reportedly remarked that it is false to claim that there has been little or no training for officers. According to him, “specialized and general training is a priority within the SAPS. If needs be, members are taken overseas or elsewhere on the continent, to learn new trends, which they are expected to impart to their colleagues.”

Below are some of the pictures of the fleeing fugitives

Chadleigh Khan

Chadleigh Khan has been on the run since 2006. The 33 years old man is wanted for the murder of Lauren Sleep and attempted murder of Lisel Skoonwinkel.

Antony Brian

Anthony Brian was born in South Africa, he’s 52 and is wanted for fraud and theft.

Jacque Anton Robbertse

Jacque Anton Robbertse is 52 years old and is on the run for two counts of indecent assault and one count of rape.

Johannes Gerhadus

His name is Johannes Gerhadus Jansen Van Vuuren. He’s 34 and was born in South Africa. He’s wanted for murder.

Jurgen Karel Gunther Van Dekeere

Jurgen Karel Gunther Van Dekeere is 37 and he’s on the run for rape, murder and defeating the ends of justice.

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