South Africa’s Needs Are Sacrificed On The Alter Of ANC’s Wants – Mangosuthu Buthelezi


The nation is facing a hard time. Rand is unstable, price of commodities are shooting up, and the economy is crawling. Amidst these challenges, the number one citizen of the country has been in many scenarios, accused as the cause of the misfortunes.

In his defense, the president announced that he’s been blamed for everything wrong with South Africa simply because he’s black and uneducated. However, Mangosuthu Buthelezi thinks the president should blame himself for the many ruins of the nation in the up coming State of the Nation address.

True, it’s unfair to blame Mr president for every single problem of South Africa. But again, it’s fair to accuse the head of a body for the malfunctioning of the other units. The fact that the brain resides in the head is a justification and probably the reason the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) president, Mangosuthu Buthelezi is asking the president to come clean during his State of the Nation address and admit that he and his ANC have failed South Africa.

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Buthelezi reportedly stated at a Press Club event in Cape Town which offered a platform for opposition party leaders to present an alternative State of the Nation address, that South Africans want Zuma to accept that he has failed the nation as the country’s needs are consistently been sacrificed on the alter of ANC wants.

Insisting that the real State of the Nation address is now a public relation stunt, Buthelezi emphasized that neither the economy, the drought nor the global downturn let South Africans down but the president. “Not the economy, not the drought, not the global downturn, but the president himself,” Buthelezi remarked.

“There is far too much the president doesn’t say during Sona which needs to be said…I want the president to be honest about the depth of the economic crisis we find ourselves in, and about the fact that we didn’t arrive here by accident, but because of poor economic policies.”

To Buthelezi, Zuma is fond of making remarks like “we are hard at work”, and such statements are meaningless for “whether one reads the palpable mood of the present, or the outcome of surveys like Afrobarometer, it is clear that many South Africans want the president to admit that he has let us down.”

The IFP president identified factors like corruption, mismanagement, cadre deployment and everlasting disciplinary inquiries as the things championing South Africa’s intense and extreme slow progress.

Revealing that Zuma has ceaselessly, “freely ignored” his advice on how to improve things in the country, Buthelezi hinted that many South Africans are already uninterested in whatever the president will say in the up coming State of the Nation address as they are already talking more about what the EFF will do during the said address.

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