South Africa’s Constitution Is Under Attack – DA


Democratic Alliance (DA) party leader, Mmusi Maimane says South Africa’s constitution has lost its respect, reverence and significance.

The opposition leader also raised alarm, alleging that the country’s constitution is under attack and in danger.

Maimane asserted that South Africa became the pioneer of hope out of darkness. Not only that, he recalled that so many people lost their lives in the struggle to see the freedom that South Africa’s Constitution brings. He added that the Constitution also must see to it that historical injustices be addressed.

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Commenting further on the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s Constitution‚  Maimane stated thus: “If we do not uphold the Constitution‚ we fail this mandate‚ and fail the imperative of freedom which so many died for.

Hailing the Constitution as “the living, breathing document which bestows rights and responsibilities on all South Africans”, Maimane asserted that the constitution should be “revered and respected, not just for its content, but for the manner in which it came about.

Zuma Violated South Africa’s Constitution

He lambasted President Zuma for violating the constitution and alleged that the ‘constitution has been under attack since the ANC took over power’.

In addition, Maimane said “South Africa deserves a government that respects‚ upholds and protects the Constitution- which is the very lifeblood of our democracy.

“Jacob Zuma and his government have violated our Constitution at every turn. From the President himself‚ to Parliament‚ to the Ministers of Police and Public Works‚ our Constitution has been treated like it’s an optional inconvenience.

“It is when our Constitution is undermined‚ that the very basis of our democracy is undermined‚ and placed in jeopardy‚” he stated.

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In March, it was found that President Zuma violated the constitution. Following the violation, Constitutional Court Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng ordered the National Treasury to determine a “reasonable percentage” of the costs which should be paid personally by President Zuma.

Following Zuma’s act, opposition parties have continued to attack him in and outside Parliament. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) seems to be at the front line of the ‘fight’ as the party has continued to bring Zuma so low.

Last week, the EFF members were physically uprooted from parliament after they interrupted president Zuma’s speech, dubbing him an ‘illegitimate  leader’.