ANC Will Bleed To Death If Zuma Is Recalled- Ntshalintshali


South Africa’s biggest labour group and the African National Congress (ANC) ally, Cosatu, says recalling President Jacob Zuma would “be too risky” and would definitely ruin the ruling party.

Cosatu’s secretary-general, Bheki Ntshalintshali, recalled that the ANC was harmed by its decision to oust Thabo Mbeki as president in 2008 after he lost his position as ANC’s leader to Jacob Zuma.

He therefore urged all and sundry to allow the president complete his tenure by avoiding more divisions in the party.

Ntshalintshali said, “From the bleeding it had when it recalled Thabo Mbeki and now again to recall someone who’s left with a few months to retire from the ANC, I think they will allow the natural processes to go through than creating more divisions within the movement.”

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The union however kicked against the ANC’s National Development Plan stating that it won’t go a long way in transforming the economy.

Though Zuma’s second term as ANC leader is due to end next year and his second and final term as president in 2019, cosatu still insists that it is very risky to recall Zuma.

Zuma Still Enjoys Support Of South Africa’s Biggest Labour Group

For long, Zuma has enjoyed the support of the labour union, who also played a major role in high balling him to power.

The union has also thrown its weight behind the embattled president even as opposition group called for his immediate resignation following Nkandla ruling that he [Zuma] defied the constitution by refusing to refund money spent on his Nkandla homestead.

Zuma, who appears to have lost the support he once garnered from the people has also been criticized for disregarding the constitution and treating the people of South Africa with little respect.

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Not only cosatu, the governing party has also kicked against attempts by the opposition to have Zuma removed from office on several occasions.

Above all, the president has been accused by thousands of troubled citizens of forgetting about the people who put him in power.

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