This South African 1000 Year Old Tree Has An Unusual Secret Inside It

Sunland Baobab is an age-old well-known South African gigantic baobab tree, which is located in Sunland Farm, Limpopo. It has gone through several investigations, many of which were to determine its actual age. One study, after examining the relative amount of carbon isotopes that it contains, estimated the tree to be around 1,060 years old. Other studies have suggested higher ages but none of it disputed the fact that it is over 1000 years.

Apart from its age, Sunland Baobab has something awesome hiding inside of it – a massive peaceful space – the reason it is also known as the “pub tree”. It is quite a remarkable tree because of the size of its hollowed trunk, which is so big you could fit a bar inside it… and someone did.

sunland baobab tree 7

Located on Subland Farm that is Platland Farm close to Modjadjiskloof formally called Duiwelskloof in Limpopo Province, the tree blossoms, producing flowers in larger amount during spring. As a result, it gives shelter to many bird species including two pairs of owls.

The Sunland Baobab is Naturally Hollowed Out and was not Artificially Carved Out

sunland baobab tree 9At first glance, you’d think the three was designed by an architect for its amazing beauty. But no, the tree’s nice shape is natural. The tree’s trunk has two sections, which are connected and each of the sections has its own big hole, connected by a small passage. The tree’s height measures 22 meters tall and its width is placed at 47 meters. The diameter of the tree’s trunk is 10.64 m and the crown diameter is 30.2 m. Sometime in 2016, a smaller part of the tree suddenly fell down and it was blamed on its age and natural hollowing of the trunk. The tree was allowed to naturally recover its lost part.

sunland baobab tree 2

This Oldest African Tree has Survived up to 5 Different Fire Incidents.

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There have been five different bushfires around the remarkable tree, but none was able to affect the tree. In 1993, the inside holes of the tree were cleared and some debris from Bushmen (local hunters said to have lived in the first nation of South Africa)  and Voortrekker visitors (the Dutch and Huguenot population which settled in southern Africa in the late 17th century) were found. There was a carbon examination on the tree and the result suggested that there have been fires in the hollows of trees. According to the study, the tree has survived fires in 1650AD, 1750-1780,1900,1955 and 1990.

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Beyond the Tiny Entrance Lies A Massive Hollow

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As mentioned earlier, Sunland Baobab has a naturally fine design that will make anyone think it was designed by a professional architect. The owners of Sunland Farm made good use of these features and established a bar and wine room in its hollow trunk. The wine cellar remains at steady 22 degrees centigrade temperature due to the tree’s natural air outlets. The wine cellar can be found in the second hollow. The Bar was created by the Van Heerden family in 1993.

For this inherent natural importance and its many other beauties including the ability to offer amusement and relaxation, the tree has since turned out to be a place of interest for many tourists. 

Inside the tree trunk lies a Cute Little Bar, with 13 Foot-High Ceilings

sunland baobab tree 10

In creating the bar, the family took out time to enhance its natural values, clearing weighty compost layers. This was done to unveil the floor which was about a meter under the present ground level.  They added a door to the trunk’s natural vent. The family also added a railway sleeper pub inside of the tree. For more comfort, they added a draft, seats, a music system and of course beer.

Breathing Space For Large Families

sunland baobab tree 6

The space inside the tree can only take 15 people all at once but the massive circumference would take a lot more people to go round it. One time, it took more than 60 people who felt holding a fun-filled party inside a massive tree would make it all the more special. And guess what, it was worth it because it was really special.

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