Sunland Baobab is a 1000 year old well-known South African gigantic baobab tree which is located in Sunland Farm, Limpopo and there is something awesome hiding inside of it – the reason it is also known as the “pub tree”. The Sunland Big Baobab is quite remarkable because of the size of its hollowed trunk which is so big you could fit a bar inside it… and someone did.

Yes! Inside a tree with a massive circumference of 33.4 metres (110 feet) is a massive space where Carbon investigations were carried out that suggest that there have been fires within the hollow of the trunk in 1650 AD, 1750–1780, 1900, 1955 and 1990 before it was turned into a pub and wine cellar in 1993 by the owners of Sunland farm making it even more of an unusual landmark for tourists.

sunland baobab tree 7

The Sunland Baobab is Naturally Hollowed Out and was not Artificially Carved Out

sunland baobab tree 9

sunland baobab tree 2

This Oldest African Tree has Survived up to 5 Different Fire Incidences

sunland baobab tree 3

Beyond the Tiny Entrance

sunland baobab tree 11

Lies a Cute Little Bar, with 13 Foot-High Ceilings

sunland baobab tree 10

sunland baobab tree 4

The Bar was Created in 1993 by the Van Heerden family.

sunland baobab tree 6

The space inside the tree can only take 15 people all at once but the massive circumference would take a lot more people to go round it.

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