Molefe Defends The Guptas Once Again; See What He Has To Say


Eskom‘s Brian Molefe has once again defended the influential and politically connected Gupta Family saying South Africans are being unfair in the way they treat the family considering the fact that no evidence has been found against them.

Molefe said this during an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, on the importance of nuclear energy for South Africa and the entire continent. His statement was to further buttress his defence of the family in February when he referred to the Guptas as “friendly and likeable people”.

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The Eskom CEO said he is concerned about how the family are being treated by South Africans.

“It’s a bit unfair to colour people in a certain colour very quickly without getting facts, even hounding people out of South Africa and closing their bank accounts without an investigation. I don’t think South Africans should be known for that.”

Molefe added that in as much as he would not give room for the family to influence his decisions and duties, he would not support the manner at which they are being treated in the country.

The politically-connected Guptas have been accused of spearheading different corrupt practices in the country including the state capture saga.

The family who was accused of using their ties with President Jacob Zuma to influence decisions over who is appointed to cabinet or other senior positions, denied this allegation and called for the an investigative unit to investigate and come up with the truth.

“We welcome this process which should ultimately allow the truth to be recognized and end this current trial by innuendo and slander. We will fully co-operate with the office of the secretary general during the information gathering process.”

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Meanwhile, Eskom CEO told 702’s John Robbie months back, that the Guptas are a likeable group of people and he doesn’t see anything wrong with them.

“The Ruperts have a lot of influence, the Oppenheimers have a lot of influence. They have a relationship with government. I don’t see anything unusual about that.” he said

He also denied being approached to serve as South Africa’s finance minister following speculation, adding that he fully supports Pravin Gordhan