South African Salaries: See If You’re Paid Below Your Worth


As long as reaping remains the essence of sowing, salary will remain the essence of working. We all work to get paid, and we all desire to be paid what we deserve. However, we wouldn’t mind taking more than we deserve. Sadly, not much is available in terms of jobs in South Africa resulting to employers’ inclination of paying as little as possible to get their jobs done.

As it is, South Africans might be helpless to battle being paid less than they deserve, now, however, they are entitled to know how much was taken from them. Kudos to CareerJunction for publicizing its 2015 findings on the latest salary index showcasing the average salaries in South Africa for over 100 jobs across 10 sectors. Now we can all make the comparison of what we’re paid with what others offering same services earn. Nevertheless, be aware that as the quality of services differs, it’s ideal for the pay to differ as well.

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A Salary Review for the 4th Quarter 2014 and 1st Quarter of 2015, that contains salary information and regional differences in remuneration based on actual salary offerings on CareerJunction website, was compiled for South African job seekers and the HR/Recruitment industry in order to present the true nature of salaries in South Africa. Below is the salary range countdown of the top 10 sectors covered.

1. Admin, Office, And Support

Salary Range: Minimum R 5,651 – Maximum R 29, 878

Admin, Office And Support

The highest earners here are human resource officers while tellers and cashiers are paid the least. Other top earners in this category include office management, health, safety and environment, call center supervisor, personal assistants, and secretaries. low earners are found in reservation/ticketing clerks, switchboard/receptionists, and data capturing. As reported, “Gauteng pays the best, followed by KwaZulu-Natal and then Western Cape”.

2. Design, Media, And Arts

Salary Range: Minimum R 9,061 – Maximum R 37,708

Design, Media And Arts

Under design, media and arts, those working with multimedia, 3D and Web design sub-categories earn the highest amount whereas TV, video and movie operators are paid lowest. Here, “Western Cape pays the best, followed by Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal”. Journalism, writing, and editing also earn more than other sub-categories like industrial design, interior design, graphics, prints and packaging design with photographers as low earners.

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3. Sales

Salary Range: Minimum R 8,266 – Maximum R 43,733

Sales-product promoters

Among the jobs listed under sales, sales management pays the highest. Account management and real estate/property agents equally earn high within the above-stated salary range. Telesales and telemarketing pay is the lowest with travel agents and product promoters earning a bit higher than them. And, Gauteng pays best!

4. Marketing

Salary Range: Minimum R 13, 571 – Maximum R 46, 485


Brand marketing, product management, market research and analysis, advertising, communications and public relations, event coordinating and planning, marketing assistants, and marketing managements were the jobs listed under marketing. People working as marketing assistants are likely to earn the lowest salaries whereas those working as marketing managers earn more than any other unit in marketing.

5. Manufacturing And Assembly

Salary Range: Minimum R 9,770 – Maximum R 48,333

Manufacturing And Assembly

Fourteen jobs were listed under manufacturing and assembly. Among the jobs, plant and system operation pays the lowest amount whereas plant management pays the highest. Material control, plastic works, plant/production control, and process control equally pay high salaries within the above-stated salary range.