Wail SA! Our Parliament Differs Not From A ‘House Of Shame’


Following what many considered the most humiliating session in South African Parliament, thousands of voices have condemn the undignified and violent scenario that clouded Tuesday’s sitting.

It was another shameful and disgusting sight in Parliament yesterday as fists and blows flew around in defense from some ‘honourable’ members.

The fight began when Parliament security officers made their way into Parliament to bundle away radical members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

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The obstinate fighters had earlier objected to President Zuma taking questions during the oral questions session with Parliament members (MPs).

While the fighters held onto their chants and objections, Parliament’s security men caught up with them, carrying and pushing most of them out of Parliament. Though many of them resisted attacks, the stubborn MPs, together with their leaders later found themselves outside – tired and helpless.

Speaking after his premature ejection, EFF leader, Julius Malema, who felt humiliated and stung by ‘oppositions’, and promised to unleash ‘war’ on Zuma throughout his tenure.

He said, “these bouncers must know that if they give violence, we will respond with violence. We’re not scared; we’re debating in parliament. Anyone who manhandles us must know we’ve got the same capacity.

“No one has a monopoly on violence. This parliament will never be the same. Zuma is not our president. The day he breached the constitution, that’s the day he kissed the office of president goodbye.”

Meanwhile, the Congress of the People (COPE) has referred to South African Parliament as a “house of shame”. The party said it was not surprised at how the National Assembly completely metamorphosed into a battlefield where MPs exchange blows with security officials and chaos prevails.

COPE Laments About The Present State Of South African Parliament

COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem, said: “It is a national disgrace. After 1994 the world was amazed to see our parliament burst into song that shook its very rafters when Nelson Mandela entered it.

After all the bitter years of oppression‚ South Africa had emerged as a miracle nation and a role model to the world. Today‚ sadly‚ parliament has just experienced its darkest moment: MPs and security personnel exchanged blows in full view of the nation and the world.

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Bloem linked the chaos to Nkandla judgement, which he said the ruling party treated with laxity.

“The ANC is wrong in responding to the ConCourt decision in such an underwhelming and feint manner. Its attempt to push ahead as though the judgment was only a little slap on the wrist is dragging the whole nation into a moral and legal quagmire.

Sane voices have spoken out but the ANC closed ranks and continues to show the middle finger to the judgment and everyone else‚” he added.

COPE however noted that the EFF chose a different approach in opposing the ANC and Mr Zuma while the remaining opposition parties chose their own way of responding to the crisis.

“We feel sorry for them as we do for the ruling party. They are trying to make something that is broken work without substantially fixing it or replacing it.

There are only losers all round while this impasse continues. Soon South Africa will be engulfed in pitched battles and worse inside and outside of the House that is not so honourable anymore‚” Bloem remarked.