Top 10 South African Musicians To Watch


They have already proven themselves. Forbes has referred to some of them as powerhouses-in-the-making. They have struck unmatched deals with records labels, chartering new commercial territories, while gracing every radio station and TV channel in South Africa with compelling music. They are the right kind of music artists that you would like to not only to represent South Africa abroad, but the entire African continent as well. Now in case you are wondering what this post is relentlessly nattering about; be informed that we are talking about the Top 10 South African Music Artists. Here’s the list:

South African Music Artists You Must Watch

1. Mafikizolo

Mafikizolo - South African Music

2013 was definitely a great year for Mafikizolo. Khona came in from their newly released album and swooped every music enthusiast by storm. Everyone was dancing to this tune which was energetically lamenting over lost love. Twitter went crazy as Mafikizolo fans from all corners of the world acclaimed Nhlahla for presenting a well-articulated stanza on the song. And if you thought that was the end of this music duo, then stay on the watch for more surprises from them this year.

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2. Reason

Reason - South African Music

Talk of an African rapper who would massacre Kendrick Lamar on a track and most of you would be like, um… none. But wait; Reason has already done that. Yes, this South African Rapper who once shared a stable with Tumi and Zaki Ibrahim in Motif Records back in 2011, made Kendrick appear like 2-chains rapping against the Slaughterhouze. And if the rapper can work on improving the quality of his music videos, 2014 will undeniably be nothing less than a great year for him.

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3. Mi Casa

Mi Casa - South African Music

Jsomething, Duda and Mo-T are another force to reckon with as 2014 unchecks some of the great goings-on. Formed in 2011, the band came like a hurricane and scooped the top spot after releasing their Micasa music album. As if that was not enough for this newly sprung house band, they still went ahead and swept several awards at the South African MTN music award in 2012. In 2013, they somehow went under the waters, but if you thought 2014 will never experience their come back; then stay tuned for the big shock.

4. Dj Ganyani

Dj_Ganyani - South African Music

For the past 20 years, Dj Ganyani has managed to keep himself relevant year after year. His art of music is simply mixing pre-recorded music by equalizing, cueing, beat juggling and phrasing to come up with transitions and overdubs that are creatively in sync. And since he discovered his harmonic mode of mixing, he has been releasing best-selling albums year after year, each of which has at least one hit song—except for last year. And the fact that 2013 experienced less of him, 2014 is predictably going to be another great year for him.

5. Blayze

Blayze - South African Music

Another South African music artist to watch in 2014 is Blayze. With his newly released single “20 Gold Chains—from the underdog album– topping several charts in South Africa, he’s definitely among the most promising artists of the year. So far the artist has featured prominent hip-hop artists like Maggs from South Africa, as well as the all-inclusive Bishop Lamont from California.

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