Latest South African Crime Statistics: 10 Surprising Facts


South Africa has been known for its greasy crime situation for a long time. People hardly live in peace and even when they do, it is always short-lived. From xenophobic campaigns to street and armed robbery, this has been a perfect case of a nation short of security.

However, the national government has over the time put measures in place to comb out all avoidable instances of crime. In collaboration with the local governments, they have made great efforts in equipping the police, military and the general public with war arms as well as required information on combating crime. By instilling it into the public that national security was a responsibility for the whole citizens, people are increasingly becoming proactive in their day-to-day activities always alerting security persons whenever they sense danger. People have also learnt that they are better off staying away from situations that expose them to crime. It is becoming clearer by the day that prevention is better than cure.

Such efforts have not gone unnoticed. If the latest South African crime statistics are anything to go by, South African crime statistic levels  are on the low. While crime remains a thorny issue in the country, the progress made sets the stage for long-term control and eventual stabilization of security in one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

Shocking Facts on the Latest Crime Statistics Pointing to a Safer Future.

1. Overall crime levels in a 15 year calculation – crime levels in South Africa has decreased by over 40% in the past decade.

2. Social fabric crimes reduced – these include all those crimes which are beyond the control of the police. It points to the efforts of the citizenry in dealing with situations on their own. However, this might not bring the smile back to many faces yet.

3. Murder reduced by 7.2% – now that is some good news. But then murder cases have been on the decline over the past few years having reduced by an encouraging 15% in the past 6 years alone. If there can be even more progress on this front then South Africa could convince a few more tourists to come visiting.

SA Crime statistics

4. The municipality with the highest crime incident experiences are 9 times as many cases as the safest municipality in the country – Beufort West found in Western Cape Province is now considered the most unsafe in South Africa while Blouberg a municipality in Limpopo is the safest.

5. Mangaung of the Free State province records 70% more crime than the national average!

6. Property crime has decreased – indeed, property crime has been on the decline for the past 11 years. According to the South African police minister Nathi Mthethwa, property crimes reduced by 24.8%over the past nine years though it only decreased by a paltry 1.4% over the past four years.

7. Common assault has also been on the decline – over the past nine years, common assault cases have come down by an impressive 45.4% while such cases also reduced by 16.5% between 2009 and 2013. This one of the most outstanding figure as far as crime fighting is concerned.

8. Business robberies have been on the increase – the highest number of cases have been recorded in the “unsafe” Gauteng which accounts for close to half of the national totals of carjacking incidences, business and residential robberies. Interestingly though, Gauteng itself saw a decline in incidences of this trio of crimes.

SA Crime Statistics1 - south african crime statistics

9. House robberies have also increased but not as much as in the recent past – a negligible increase of 1.9% contrasts hugely with the 16.6% of the last 6 years. This will be good news to home owners, landlords and tenants as well.

10. Finally, South Africa is still on the top end for rape – even with all the efforts of the public, civil organisations and the national security system, the country still grapples with child and teen rape with one of 3 women revealing they that have been raped and 25% of all men interviewed admitting to having raped at least once in their whole life.

It’s not all roses yet and the near future will demand even greater effort from all involved. But we all know that crime is one of those things you can’t just wish away. With the correct energy and continuous application, the best will definitely come.