SACP Pours Support On ANC, Won’t Contest In Election


The South African Communist Party (SACP) says it won’t go back on its decision to support the ANC in the upcoming election.

Recently, there were speculations in Eastern Cape that the communist party would be vying for political positions in the election.

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The party has however responded to the speculations; maintaining that it will give its support to the dominant party in the tripartite alliance – which is the ANC.

South African Communist Party Statement

The party’s statement reads:

“The fabricated letter‚ purporting that the SACP is reversing its decision to be not on the ballot across all municipalities; has been circulating in social and electronic media.

The letter has most probably been used by the charlatans; who created it to commit acts of identity theft and electoral fraud; claiming to be the SACP and/or its representatives or General Secretary.

It has removed its name from the ballot in line with its constitution; discipline and political programme; including its standing ANC-led alliance electoral strategy.”

Meanwhile, the party also threatened to deal with anyone caught engaging in electoral fraud against its name; identity theft that may mar its officials; identity symbols or letterhead.

“The SACP wishes to publicly confirm that almost all individuals engaged in such fraudulent acts; including at Alfred Nzo district municipality in the Eastern Cape – are not its members.”

The SACP has been a strong and reliable backbone of the ruling party despite public outcry and criticism constantly hurled at the party.

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The party’s continuous absence at its headquarters – the party’s supposed ‘control or engine room’ has also been condemned.

Though, the SACP is the vanguard of the working class movement; which is supposed to continuously lead the struggle of the working class; its impacts in the political arena has produced little or no effect.