5 South African Celebrities Who Were On The News For Wrong Reasons In 2017


2017 isn’t a year South Africans will be too quick to forget. It was a year a handful of things previously thought impossible happened.

For instance, since the country’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) took over powers from apartheid government, 2017 was the first year it didn’t govern the country’s major cities. Besides that, the year proved that it isn’t impossible for a nation’s leader to partner with “foreigners” and lead a massive looting of the country’s treasury.

2017 also stained history as the year in which it was revealed that over 100 psychiatric patients were recklessly abandoned for death by the Gauteng Health Department.

While 2017 wasn’t a very good year for the country for several reasons, it was also a hard year for certain South African celebrities, they were on the news for the wrong reasons but we have to acknowledge the downside of being a celebrity; the fact that a celebrity cannot flaw without being called out, and cut them some slack.

Having said that, the following are 5 South African Celebrities who were on the new for the wrong reasons in 2017.

1. Tumi Morake and Her Down Syndrome Joke

The award-winning comedian was only trying to be funny when she talked about her opponent being two p***y klaps away from having down syndrome during a roast battle.

Tumi was thinking she was badass trash-talker until a mother of a child with down syndrome called her out on Instagram. She pointed out the insensitivity of the joke, informing Tumi that what she said was hurtful and unacceptable.

While it’s a good thing to teach South African celebrities a thing or two about decency, Tumi deserves to get a thumbs-up for the way she handled the issue. She apologised to the mother admitting that she wasn’t thinking (about hurting anyone) when she said what she said. We were all quick to forgive her because we know how trash-talking works most times, you talking as though your brains are on vacation.

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2. Emtee Forgot to Uphold His “Dicknity”

Emtee left South Africans wondering what inspired his carelessness to protect the sad-looking dude between his legs from harsh words. Some suggested that the rapper mixed marijuana with some knockout shit; others diagnosed that what Emtee did was just one of the effects of excessive smoking of nyaope. 

The rapper was hanging out with his admirers when he decided to introduce the fella to the fans. He shared a live video on Instagram, exposing himself to his thousands of followers on the social media platform and stole the entertainment news space not just for the day, but for almost one week.

3. The Law Caught up with Brickz

Sipho Ndlovu had to pay for the disturbing sin he committed in 2013. The Kwaito star was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping a teenage relative. The victim said she was a virgin when Brickz forcefully slept with her. As he left her bleeding after he was done, he ordered her to have a bath and threatened to take her life if she reports the incident.

He infected the victim with a sexually transmitted disease and she wanted to take her life. Nonetheless, Brickz insisted that he’s innocent and kept saying “the truth will come out” until he was handed the punishment. His legal team wanted to appeal the conviction and the sentence but leave to appeal was denied.

4. The Rejection of Zodwa Wabantu’s Sultry

The strong sexual nature of her dance moves wasn’t something Zimbabwe was willing to tolerate. The country banned Zodwa from performing within its boundaries after one of its actresses, Anne Nhira petitioned that Zodwa dances without panties share naked pictures on social media platforms and is a lesbian.

“How does that qualify her to be a Zimbabwe national tourist attraction and to attend a function of the highest stature…” Nhira asked. This wouldn’t stop Zodwa from being who she is. She continued being sultry throughout the year.

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5. Bonang and the Errors in Her Book 

Though she doesn’t see anything wrong with it, Bonang’s book riddled with grammatical errors and typos had to be recalled after she was excessively roasted for bothering those who purchased her book with embarrassing errors.