SAA Moves To Safeguard Passengers From Disastrous Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Following Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s disaster and subsequent worldwide recall of the smartphone, the South African Airways (SAA) has banned the use of the phone on planes.

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BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that SAA is not the only airline that has taken the decision. Airports around the world, especially in Australia and South Korea also banned the use of the phone in planes, luggage boxes, and check-in baggage.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, SAA said the airline took the decision “based on safety considerations in the interests of passengers, crew, and property”.

It added that owing to Samsung’s announcement that it was recalling the Galaxy Note 7, regulators in various jurisdictions decided to ban the device on air transportation.

“The announcement by the regulators obligates SAA as an airline to implement and comply with such a ban. SAA is enjoined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) general provisions on safety to take steps to ensure the safety of its operations as and when goods and/or products have not met safety requirement,” the statement added.

According to SAA, IATA is of the view that since Galaxy Note 7 must not be shipped by air since the smartphone is powered by lithium batteries.

The South African Airways apologized in advance to customers for any inconvenience this decision may cause and warned that this might include “confiscation of the devices and/or fines imposed on concerned passengers”.

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Samsung is currently struggling to deal with the fallout from its September recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after a number of reports that the smartphone battery caused overheating that resulted in explosions and fire – in some cases.

Currently, the company has erected stalls and booths in some airlines across the globe for owners of the device to swap or get a refund for the smartphone before boarding their flights.