‘Zuma Is Not The Problem, ANC Is’ – Mmusi Maimane


The federal and Parliamentary leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) says the country has an ANC problem and not a Jacob Zuma problem.

According to the leader, South Africa has an ANC problem and the ANC is beyond redemption. He thereby, asked South Africans to channel their anger from the President to the ruling party.

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“Whatever anger South Africans feel towards Jacob Zuma, they should direct at the ANC, because Zuma is entirely a product of the ANC. He remains in office only at their behest.

The ANC could convene a NEC meeting today and remove him from power, just as they did Thabo Mbeki in 2008 for a far lesser offence,” Maimane Indicated.

He observed that the nation’s problems wouldn’t end if Zuma is removed from his office, but will if the ANC is dethroned. “The solution to SA’s problem lies not with ejecting Jacob Zuma, but with ejecting the ANC.

This is good news, not bad, because while we lack the power to fire Zuma, we as a nation hold all the power to fire the ANC. And the next opportunity to do so is on the 3 August 2016, the date that the IEC has confirmed for the 2016 local government elections.”

The DA leader referred to the latest attempt at impeaching Zuma. He related that the impeachment debate was important “because it put the full ANC parliamentary caucus center stage in the political spotlight and forced them to make a simple, unequivocal, binary choice between Zuma and the Constitution, while South Africa and the world looked on.”

As it happened, the ANC in parliament voted to retain Jacob Zuma as the President. Maimane said the ANC in parliament’s vote to retain Zuma as president, delivered to South Africans the “irrefutable proof that the ANC is 100% complicit in the corruption of Jacob Zuma.

The ANC appointed Zuma, and the ANC has consistently and deliberately chosen to retain, protect and promote him, and they have done so using increasingly devious, desperate and deceitful means.

This is not out of any concern for his well-being, but out of selfish concern for their own continued access to his political patronage,” stated the DA leader.

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