Behold! South Africa’s First Mr Ugly


Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. Well, so does ugliness. At the Bit by Bit nightclub owned by former judge David Ntshangase, history was made as South Africa crowned its first Mr Ugly.

The Mr Ugly pageant was held in Mtubatuba, KwaZulu-Natal on September 3, 2016.

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While nine ugly men competed for a grand prize of R1 000, the runner-up scooped R500 as compensation. Eventually, SA’s first Mr Ugly was selected after a long evening and he is none other than – Simon Mpuyazi.

SA’ First Mr Ugly Surrounded By Two Contenders

First Mr Ugly

The pageant was David Ntshangase’s idea to give the fat and ugly among us a sense of belonging.  He wanted those who feel ugly to know that they too are worthy of celebration and recognition. In other words, we shouldn’t be celebrating only the hot bikini bodies and six packs, the fat and ugly should be celebrated too.

“Ugly and fat people are among the most discriminated against people. You always get beautiful people competing and no one gives ugly people a chance to showcase themselves. Every human was crafted with the same hand of creation,” said Ntshangase.

He added that he can relate well with the entrants because he is not handsome himself.

The competition saw nine entrants put through different processes in front of a large crowd and three judges. Joe Mafela was one of the judges.

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The Mr Ugly pageant has since been held in Zimbabwe, where Mison Sere still sits on the throne of ugliness.

In addition, the organisers of the highly-publicised Mr Ugly Zimbabwe pageant have also launched the inaugural Mr Ugly Africa and Mr Ugly World at a Harare restaurant.

Mr Ugly Africa pageant will storm Johannesburg, South Africa between November and December this year. On the other hand, Mr Ugly World will be in Zimbabwe next year. Apparently, ugliness pays too.